Oh Spring!  How you come on like a magical storm and bring with you new possibilities, starter tans and just as we pull our sundresses and strappy heels out you laughingly make the rain come back.  I sitt here, from the top story of my home on a rainy Thursday, sipping my 3rd cup of coffee, curled into the bed, watching the rain pour down.  I realize… there is a reason why I am tired.  Why I am living on coffee and adrenaline!  I have been busy!  Let me update you on some fun-stuff about town!

For starters, did you know that Old Town Pizza, located on 2nd and Davis turned 40 years old this week?  What an amazing feat through the economic climate of the last 2 decades alone!  It has been a crazy ride but they are here and stronger than ever.  Things you MAY NOT KNOW: They have a brewery that opened up 2 years ado and an amazing guy names Bolt (you can’t make this stuff up) is helming it, oh and they are winning big ole medals for their beers.  I tasted them and they are great.  You know me… day drinking is my thing!  Also, we met Madi who is doing amazing things with fresh dough ( made all day long) and tossing these crusts up in the air with the grace of a ballerina.  She also makes her pesto in house and a wicked garlicky Caesar that is made to order.  Nom,  At the helm is Adam who bought the operation 10 years ago based on a fond childhood memory  Well done Adam – folks, head down for a pizza soon, support this local treasure.  I had a BLAST in the studio with their dynamic team!  Oh – and BEE-TEE-DUBB…. you can order an entire party -growlers and pizza to your office, delivered by a bike. #thatsrad

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So… it was my birthday and we went out to dinner.  I picked:  Cocotte!  The restaurant by the lovely Kat LeSeur (Ahhh what a beautiful name!!) I have been watching her instagram like a creepy stalker, and when I shouted out to the twittervers:  Where should I go?  You answered:  Cocotte.  I went and we had an amazing experience, it is lovely, the menu is creative and my husband and I dined like the kind and queen we think we are.  I think this will be added to our rotation – it was perfect for an occasion, but I think it will be on our date rotation…. you know, now that we are back out on dates!!  (that was our first date in over a year due to a difficult twin pregnancy and, well, twins). What did we order?  EVERYTHING!  Entrees I selected the Halibut since it is a seasonal item and Jason had the Chicken, which I also ate the next day for lunch!  I cleaned my plate….  We did have a series of small plates to start as well and finished with a Butterscotch pudding.  I drank 2 Old Fashioneds like a boss, and Coach had a beer on tap that was from Missoula ( just like him!)  Okay… here is the thing:  MONDAYS HAVE HAPPY HOUR ALL EVENING.  So, don’t be silly.  Go to Cocotte.  Tell them Missy sent you – they will have no clue what you are talking about.

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Have you heard of Bee Local Honey?  If not, well, time to crawl out of the bunker shelter you have been living in, trade in your Dodge Dart for a Prius and GET WITH IT!  Urban hives are where it is at.  Damian Magista is doing all sorts of craziness by placing hives all over P-Tizzle and harvesting the honey.  I was fortunate enough to have him on my show so I know what the heck I am talking about.  Okay, not really, but kinda.  Any-hooooo they are putting hives up on top of major landmarks in the city!! (Lucia Hotel, Hotel Deluxe to name a few)  I was able to attend the installation of the Hives (2) on Sentinel (formerly Governor Hotel….. get over it) and it was exhilarating!  Petrifying and cold.  The bees are beautiful, warm, and it is an absolute honor to watch these guys at work.  ALERT:  I will be spending some time with the guys in the field one day, I am committed to the experience!  #scaryish

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What next!  OH!  New cocktails – Get thee over to Driftwood Bar over in the Hotel Deluxe!  It is a superfun, classic bar with amazing eats and sips!  I got to taste some fabulous drinks in their #mixedinpdx program!  There bartender Mike is a beloved character and walked us through 4 new cocktails.  A GREAT idea for a after work drink or a lazy Saturday afternoon drinking date. #daydrinking

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Yes… there is MORE!  I would like to wrap this up with a reminder the “Missy Maki’s AUDIO BAR” is on the air once a month and is an hour long spirits show showcasing local distillers and educating about making amazeballs craft cocktails in your own home.  Making amazing drinks an everyday scenario for you.  Alcohol loosens the muscles, allows the day to slip away and feels fabulous!  So, next episode is May 4th.  ALSO!  Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki is on EVERY Sunday 10am -Noon on KPAM 860 “The Voice of Portland”. #boom.  Here are some highlights from TOAST to send you off – the annual spirits tasting event highlighting Oregon distillers:

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Adam Milne, Madi Buck, and Bolt Minister from Old Town Pizza step into the Simple Kitchen and school Missy on the 40 year history of Old Town Pizza, The joy of throwing dough, and the magic of brewing.





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