Where is time going?  Blurring by me.  There is no pause button.

Somehow you get up, power-shower, make breakfast, snuggle babies, drink coffee, put eyeliner on, and get you and your husbands lunches ready.  Somehow you just do it.  Who is this woman?  This mother, this wife?

You wake up….14 months after delivering your twins and the ill-conceived and poorly executed hair hacking that occurred postpartum has grown out.  Your pants fit.  You are looking at your husband with dreamy eyes again, not spears of death shooting out of them.  Life is easing into a new pattern and like they say, you don’t remember what your life was like before you had children.

You start to remember SOME things.  You think about moments of tenderness between you and your spouse.  It was just you and him against the world.  No one had loved in the way you loved each other since the dawn of mankind.  What happened?  What is different?  Everything is different, and no, life will not be the carnival of  “do what you want” that you had the luxury of living before you had children.  This is your new reality.  Ease into it like a pair of great yoga pants.  Allow it to fit.  Allow it to be.

You hear a noise in the middle of the night.  You walk to the nursery and your son is standing up in his crib.  You are thinking…Oh no, I am going to be up for at least an hour.  You cross the room to him and he is smiling.  He reaches out and says “Momma”.  Suddenly you cry.  The tears wont stop.  These tears are happening far too often.

You love being a mother.  You never thought it would be so natural for you.

You pick him up, change his diaper and sit down in the nursery with a bottle that he drinks too quickly and falls asleep far too fast afterwards.  So, you sit in the chair under his far too quickly growing body.  It is happening too fast.  He eats too fast.  He is running.  He keeps growing out of his shoes.  He is turning into a little boy.  You lay him down in his crib.  Then, behind you….”Momma?”  Yes, your other angel is up.  You repeat the steps…  diaper, bottle, snuggle.  You cry more.  How will you keep her safe?  How will you make sure she loves herself as she is?  How do you keep her sheltered from bullies and away from cyber-scaries?  It has been another hour.  You lay her down.

You crawl back into bed, only an hour until you wake up to start your day, but your day has already started.  Your day and your life are underway, and it all fits.  It fits perfectly.





Oh man is my life up in a whirl!  My children turned 14 months old, I received another request for a product endorsement.  I am Emcee for 2 events (well 2 days of the same event) for FEAST PDX, I was formally asked by Parkinson Resources of Oregon to be their Emcee for their annual Gala, and I accepted a request to Emcee Sole Support,  fundraiser walk.  I am headed to Wild About Game in a week to interview all the chefs as well as HAVE A TON OF FUN with my chef friends, and to top it off, I am running 3 legs of Hood to Coast in 24 hours.

Did I mention that I have 14 month old twins?

What is going on?  Whatever it is, keep the switch on because it is awesome!  I think I may be having the time of my life.  While my career is awash with fabulousness, I still have a home to run,  A husband to keep healthy, children to teach about what family life is and should be.  To be an example.  Children learn with their eyes first.  It is a huge priority to us that we have home cooked meals pretty much every night!  We also take our lunches to work and our kids eat food made at home by their nanny.  While we are not 100% organic, we are very good at being local as much as we can, but we are not perfect.  I am not perfect.  This following recipe is an example of a hybrid of fabulous and a few short cuts.  Today I created a new HASHTAG for myself:  #missyNOTmartha and it simply means that I will not try to force myself into some lifestyle that I cannot manage, afford or execute.  I would prefer to he honest with you.  This is what we ate.  This is how I cooked it.  End of story.

photo 2 - Copy (8)

As we dash through our lives, I lean more and more on my slow cooker.  That machine is my savior.  I sometimes forget ( like today) that I had dinner cooking…then I get home and the aromas in our home are so inviting and perfect, I stop.  I stop and pat my back….I say “good job Momma, you do not suck today”.  On n even better note – dinner was really good.  I served this chowder with a dash of paprika and canned biscuits.  Don’t judge, I am only human.

photo 1 - Copy (8)

Saying goodbye to this little pot of goodness this morning was awesome and satisfying!  Look at me!  I am obeying my meal planning!  But forgetting about it and walking in the house and smelling this?  Oh man…. That is the good stuff.

Simple Kitchen Slow Cooked Potato Corn Chowder


  • 8 mall red potatoes, washed and quartered (2 inch pieces)
  • 2 ears of corn or 1 can
  • 1 can creamed corn, or 2 cups homemade (it is easy!)
  • 1 can fat free evaporated milk
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 medium onion, diced (I used a sweet onion this time!)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place potatoes, corn, creamed corn, onion and stock in slow cooker
  2. Cook on medium for 8 hours,
  3. Mix in evaporated milk and salt an pepper to taste - cook up to 1 more hour.
  4. You can also transfer to stove and cook for 5-8 minutes on a low boil if you do not have that last hour
  5. **You can also add carrots with the potatoes and mushrooms at the very end for fun twists - both have great color and compliment the soups flavor**
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