Simple Kitchen 8-14-16

The Bite Of Oregon is happening, and Missy has been hosting the Iron Mixologist competition. Jason and John of Rue have a lot to talk about over drinks with Missy and James.

Alan and Shan are two delightful people who are opening up an amazing pizzeria in Vancouver called Rally Pizza. Listen to what it’s about, and why you should visit when they open. Missy’s got a few things you should know that are happening in Portland, and things get weird when the conversation turns to Hazelfern.

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Tillamook Ice Cream Tour! GET YA SOME! (freebies involved, so click here!)

Hey guys – ICE CREAM!  Right as the weather tips into the 90s, Tillamook has your BACK!

If you haven’t heard, the Tillamook Summer Ice Cream Tour has been on the road this summer celebrating its new line of handheld Super Premium Ice Creams, Gelatos and Frozen Custards! Last stop, Portland!

 Serving Ice Cream from Bus

It is time for the tour’s featured tour stop at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry on Thursday, August 18 from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Two local favorites, Tillamook and Pip’s Original, will pop up to serve up free cups and cones of Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream, Oregon Marionberry Cheesecake Frozen Custard and California Pistachio Farmstyle Gelato! Plus – Pip’s Original will serve up free sugar and cinnamon doughnuts!

The first 100 fans in line will also receive a complimentary ice-cream koozie to enjoy the treats at home!

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Simple Kitchen 8-7-16

Erica and Phil of Nectar Creek Mead are talking mead, teenage brewing, and the value of bees.

Domonic Biggie of Beaverton Foods really knows his mustard. Beaverton foods just won some pretty important awards that you should know about, and Domonic talks about building a family business.

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Simple Kitchen 7-31-16

Missy is back from Vegas and James is falling apart right in front of her. The Fruit Monkey, Josh Alsberg of Rubinette is back and he’s talking tomatoes.

The Fruit Monkey isn’t just tomatoes. He’s got peppers, berries, cucumbers, peaches, and cantaloupe.

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Simple Kitchen 7-24-16

Someone’s having a birthday! One of the most amazing culinary personalities enters the Simple Kitchen to talk to Missy and James about his journey. Dave Machado of Nel Centro also dishes on hotel restaurants and how excited he is for the future.

Kim Haines of Portland Cheesecake and Dessert Company brings loads of tasty treats for Missy and James. Portland has another reason to be proud. Ecliptic Brewing has brought home the gold again!

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I have had so many people say “time flies, right?”  I shake my head, and get a little sad.  It is so true.


Missy with her family in the background, Manzanita, OR 2016

Time is passing so quickly.  I am reviewing my calendar through the end of the year, setting my travel plans for the holidays, deciding where we will be for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then it will be a new year again.  I actually have to decide these things now.  I cannot put them off because of how swiftly the weeks fly by.  It is terrifying.

During our walks, my husband and I discuss our retirement plans, what our home, or even a second home would be like, how we handle college.  we discus how long we want to work, if we will travel.  This is only 2 decades away.  This is not very long from now, and we will need to prepare ourselves financially.

I always thought aging would be depressing.  I know women in their early or pre-retirement whose fear of aging (shown in their behavior) has made me decide that I will try to slide into my next few decades gracefully.  Embracing myself and my flaws, and focusing my energy on the love of my children, husband, and hobbies that I love.  Nurturing a strong, consistent home-life that gives us strength, comfort and something that we can count on.  Strong confident souls are not build on a ground that is constantly quaking, or rugs that are being pulled beneath them.  Metaphorically, and in real life.

So, as time passes, I actually also embrace it.  I want it to pass as my kids soak up their life, and their home, and familial consistency, and that one day they wake up, and they are 18, they are seniors in high school, and we are all still there, together, happy, in the same house, and that they know every little nook and cranny of their home, and it gives them comfort when they run off to school.  Mom and Dad will be here, and we will do the turkey trot together and Mom will cook a big turkey in November,  their Christmas Stockings will go up for winter break as they always have, and when they need us, we will answer the phone.

As time passes….I want them to know that nothing will change.  I will not decide to be someone different.  Dad will still shoot hoops in the rain. Mom will be found in the kitchen.

Time will pass, my kids will grow up, Jason and I will age, and that is that.

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