How YOU doin?

Quick check in on the bloggy-pants.

Holy cow – so much but so little has been going on.  My biggest shift in behavior has been incredibly successful and, to be honest, joyful!


I am enjoying being on a hiatus, but I have no desire to return to radio.  I think 6 years in a career you never planned for is ample time.  While I loved getting to know all of the amazing people that I came into contact with, and help them tell their stories, I am glad to be where I am now:  home.

I have now lost 15.6 pounds, and I am on a journey of 25 pounds, but in its own time.  I do not care to rush my body, nor do I care what anyone thinks about my body other than myself. Okay, also my husband.  I also want to be a role model for health to my children especially my daughter.

My life is mostly about my family and my career.  Social Media is a way to share our lives, not gain anything other than connections, find recipes, keep up with friends.  I am still struggling with paid posts – I have yet to do them and I have products just sitting in boxes….waiting.

I am off to exercise, then I will go pick my twins up from Preschool.  I have a solid goal of not missing their childhood, but if you know me…you knew that already.

Perhaps I will make some cupcakes.

I will write more soon.  TTFN


A much cooler YOLO.

Wow, I haven’t written is a while, well, about 12.2 pounds as a matter of fact.  Don’t judge me – every 0.2 pounds matters when you are working hard.


I have had a lot of inner dialog, and a lot of external dialog about what makes for a happy life.  Family, Love, Health being the top 3.  Stepping back and looking at all of that is very, how shall we put this….sobering.

I love my family, and I think I try hard to be present in their lives.  It is not easy for anyone to be the mom they want to be, be the wife they want to be, or be the daughter/sister they want to be.  I have a conversation in my head that goes something like this at the end of every day:  “That was a good day, the kids seemed really happy, pretty decent food, they ate well, and they got fresh air. I could have read to them though, instead of the movie, and I definitely could have sat down and played barbies and dinosaurs with them as well.  Wait – I haven’t talked to mom in a few days….omg, is my brother travelling?  I need to check in on him, wait, was today my uncles surgery?  Shoot, I don’t think I put milk out for the twins at breakfast, just juice, their bones will probably snap in half from neglect….Dang! I think we are out of gogurt, what is the temperature set at, the twins will be lucky if they don’t get pneumonia….”

OH.  MY.  GAWD.  There is no way I am going to survive like this.  Did I mention I have a full time career?  I will not start on the level of dialog I have going on in my head on THAT topic.

See, to be a highly functioning woman/mother/wife/employee you have to be a superhero.  You may NOT have vices and if you elect to do things for yourself (manicure/massage/dinner out) you will spend half the time feeling confident everything is falling apart and that you will have to do all the clean up anyways when you get home, so why did you even try to get time off?  You just have to work harder.  So why?  WHY?

Anyways, I have been analyzing this for a while and have been uncovering some triggers.  Things that get in the way of my success and I am eliminating them, because my brand of YOLO is the kind of “one life” that I want to be present in, and happy, and feel amazing.

Oh, and thus far in the process I lost over 12 pounds.

There is more to say, but I am not there yet.  I guess even at 46 you can be a work in progress…..

A Simpler Kitchen


Well, New Year, New Me, right?  Here I am, working away, raising kids, loving my husband, and definitely spending a lot of time on my personal growth.  I have a TON to share, but right now I will just let you know that I am on a new path.

Over the last, I guess 7 years, that I have been writing, I have had a lot of growth.  I became a mother, I changed jobs, am now in a new role as a regional sales director that includes travel, I also was on the radio for almost 6 years.  Talk about a whirlwind.

You know, I felt a lot, during my time in the media, that if someone invited me to their event, I had to offer a favorable review.  I was really torn, and as I got deeper into my life in the media, I started to decline offers.  I knew it was the beginning to an end.  I did not fit the mold and that life was not conducive to a healthy Missy.

When I quit the media, I was barraged with recipe developers and products who want influencers.  I am toying with it, but I think that my blog is not about that.  It is about a real life, being a good spouse, motherhood, a passion for food, and self discovery.

So, I do have a lot to share with you all.  Some of my news will knock your socks off.  Expect more conversation on my swiftly changing life, and some honest offerings of the difficult road I am on.  That is why I am calling this blog The Simpler Kitchen.

Simple Kitchen 12-10-17

Tressa Young of Salt, Fire and Time is in studio with some more delicious bone broth, and she’s dropping knowledge on Missy about the benefits of bone broth. The Saucy Minx is back. Tyna of Saucy Minx BBQ is now a Sauce-kers winner.

Ryan of Aria Gin is back, and he’s got some fine barrel finished gins that Aria is rolling out.


Final Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving Show on The Simple Kitchen

WHAAAAAT- WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?  It is that time again.  I am fasting today so I can get crazy tomorrow.  Funnest show of the year!!!! (that’s me below)


As you know, Spookie & I are on the “farewell tour” of my show here at KPAM.  I have been on the air as the host of The Simple Kitchen for almost 6 years……and now I am  wrapping it up, calling it quits, walking away.  Fret not, because before we stick a fork in this thang, we will have ONE LAST Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving with some of Portland’s top bloggers:

Lindsay A. Strannigan who writes at Rosemarried will talk to us about desserts, specifically a Cranberry Cream Pie as well as a Brussels Sprout Caesar !!

IMG_8491 will also welcome back Nancy Granada of Kindred Kitchen Will be showing us how to make Indian Corn Pudding !  (Gluten Free!!)

indian pudding

Jenni Bost will join from A Well Crafted Party and cover the Cranberry sauce!

Next up will be Carrie Cowan  who writes at Swell Kid , one of the Original members of the Ultimate Thanksgiving crew back to do what she does best:  Teach us about Turkey!!


We will be rounded out with the “Boys of Aria Gin” Erik & Ryan….showing us what we should be serving! (and keeping us in giggle-fits)



So, we will see you Sunday 10am to Noon for one HECK of a show!  Join Spookie & I, along with this talented group as we show you how to have :


Simple Kitchen Farewell Tour PODCAST11-12-17


It is the beginning of the Farewell tour of The Simple Kitchen. David Specter of Bells Up Winery stops by with a couple of bottles of delicious wine, and a fascinating story of how Bells Up came to be so magical. Jess of Red Duck is back to talk taco sauce!


Alan and Ben of Bar Botellon have come to talk about Little Boxes and some delicious refillable wine. Dena of Tony’s Chocolonely has brought holiday chocolate. FRUIT MONKEY! Josh of Rubinette has returned with something perfect for Thanksgiving!