Simple Kitchen 8-30-2015

Chef Sarah Schafer talks about Girls, Girls, Girls and Brunch Village. Missy wants to know what is going on with fairy houses. Chef Sarah loves working at FEAST  and seeing how other chefs work in the kitchen. Jess of Red Duck Ketchup talks Smoked on the phone/ Dan Shoemaker is providing some spirits for missy and James and FEAST and Smoked.

Christian Debenedetti is talking about Old Mcdonald Had a Brewery, farm house brewing and FEAST! Chef Ben Bettinger is talking Smoked! Kathy of USA Pears is talking Pop Up Kitchen and cooking with pears. Kathy also brought shrubs for Missy and James to try. Kathy has the best way to find the ripeness of your pears, and some great ways to cook and enjoy the beauty that is the pear.

Simple Kitchen 8-23-15 Hour 1

Missy and James are back. Mike Thelin, Co-Founder of FEAST sits in the Simple Kitchen with Missy to discuss the evolution of FEAST and all the things happening this year.

Why does Missy have an author of mystery novels in the Simple Kitchen? Because Ellie Alexander writes mystery novels set in the food world. Missy and James campaign to become new characters in Ellie’s next book. Missy is obsessed

Simple Kitchen 8-2-15

Missy catches you up with happenings around Portland and reviews Salt Dinner. Steven Shomler is back with his brand new book Portland Beer Stories. Sarah Pedersen Founder of Saraveza is featured in Steven’s book and tells her story.Dave Fleming Brewmaster at Kells Irish Pub is also featured in Steven’s book and he’s here to tell his tale.Jeff Parrish Founder of Portland Cider Co. is also a part of Portland Beer Stories.

More on Portland Beer Stories with Steven Shomler and beer truck driver Josh Huerta. Jake of Doomsday Brewing is here to talk about being in Portland Beer Stories.Frank Rinaldi with the Bite of Oregon talking about all things Bite of Oregon! PDX Sliders represents in the Simple Kitchen with Ryan Rollins.

Simple Kitchen 7-26-15

Simple Kitchen 7-26-15 hour 1

James was missed at the PDX Food Cart Festival. James is back from South Dakota, and Missy is getting loads of scary gifts. Michael Stanton and Mark Bitterman sit down with Missy to talk all about the amazing things you can accomplish… with salt.

Michael Stanton and Mark Bitterman explain how to incinerate salt in bamboo. The guys break down the menu for their upcoming Salt Dinner. Missy has so much coming up and she wants you to be a part of it.

Simple Kitchen 7-12-15

Missy couldn’t find the Coyote outside the studio. Big things happening around Portland. Matt of Pine Shed Ribs steps into the Simple Kitchen, and James gets a blow to his masculinity. Matt has so much to talk about.


Matt talks smoking versus open pit barbecue. Gwen Dickson of The Original Shrub sits down with Missy to tempt her with tantalizing vinegar cocktails.

Simple Kitchen 7-5-15

Catch up with Missy. If it ain’t got avocado in it, it’s not guacamole! Kat LeSueur of Cocotte sits down with missy to discuss the westward movement, the meaning of Cocotte and how the menu has changed in four years.  Everyone should celebrate Bastille Day at Cocotte.  Berry Farmer Julie Schdeen jumps into the Simple kitchen and it’s all about berries.

More with Julie Schdeen and her fantastic berries. Missy is obsessed with ramen.  James can’t pronounce anything.

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