Aging with Grace : Mission Accepted

I will admit that 43 is a difficult age.  I had a fairly harrowing  pregnancy at 42 and I work, a lot.  Mothering twins and wife-ing a husband and being a boss during the day takes its toll.  It is the time in my life that my age starts to show.  This is the time that botox, super-diets, and boob lifts kick in.  I am just not into it.

But how does one “age with grace?  As my children go through various stages in life, we take photos, and I am in them.  There is nothing more glaring that the drastic difference of your age between you and a child.  Particularly if you had children in your 40s.

age2Don’t get me wrong.  I am fully aware that I look decent for my age, but when you slip into your 40′s there is something that happens.  Your skin changes, your mindset changes, you become hypercritical and accepting all at once.  It is very confusing, and I think, for me, there needs to be an outlet where you can set your thoughts and ideas down.  Allow the madness and swirling feelings free.  I do that here, and sometimes on the radio,  I am lucky that way.

So, my challenge, to myself, and to you, if you are so obliged, is to age with grace.  To allow those laugh lines to slip in.  To still enjoy laughter and ice cream with my children.  To hug my husband and know he picked me because of who I am and who I will become – not because he thought I would be the same person, mentally or physically that I was 6 years ago.  I challenge us to stop comparing ourselves to others, and show our children that beauty is in our heart.  You can see a beautiful heart much more clearly than a perfect figure.

I will wear clothes that fit my body.  I will allow  myself as much time as my body and energy allow to get into shape.  I will not force myself into hunger, or allow needles and chemicals into my skin, or slice myself open to fit the mold of someone else.  I will show my children that it is beautiful to be me.  Hopefully they will then see that it is beautiful to be THEM.

I will choose hand-holding over the rat race.  I will ignore the kitchen when my kids want to play, I will take part in their childhood, and allow them to take part in my life.  I will support my husband in every dream he has, and expect him to do so for me.

I have wrinkles now, I have laugh lines, I have a body that has performed a miracle.  I forgive me for not being what I thought was perfect.  I give myself the right to be who I am supposed to be, and let that be enough.  Actually, let that be PERFECT.



Feast is over, and my work must begin!!!

Oh my goodness.  Did you hear that SNAP?  It was the elastic on my pants giving way.  Feast, oh how I feasted.  How I ate you, sipped you, danced on the tables, shot out the lights!  For one weekend the world was a glorious pork and pinot noir kiss.  A kiss that lasted for days!

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


The Feast Portland festival is over, but my tummy is still full, and my brain is reeling.  I have so many people to talk to, follow up with, to remind about long conversations we had over our 7th “taste” of gin and juice.  I have work to do, and that work is about finding these amazing experts in the kitchen, in the fields, and in the distilleries and get them on the air, to talk to you.

I promise you Portland, I plan on sharing this hangover with you.  STUFFED PIG HEADS FOR EVERYONE!

Let’s Meet at @FeastPDX

It is upon us!  FEASTWEEK!  Things get kicked off tomorrow (Thursday) and there are still some tickets for sale!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

But, while I am shamelessly promoting my favorite event of the year, I really want to meet you!  For starters, here are the events I will be at:

Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting   Friday Sept 19 12-5  (find me near the KitchenAid Main Demo Stage)

USA PEARS Night Market at Zidell Yards  Friday, Sept 19 6-9pm

Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting Saturday Sept 20 12-5 (find me near the KitchenAid Main Demo Stage again)

Oregon Media Group High Comfort at The Nines  Saturday, Sept 20 6-9pm

Tillamook Brunch Village Sunday, Sept 21 11am-2pm (eating, eating, and drinking)


(My USA Pears airbrush tattoo from last year)

I would love to meet any and all of you!  Please TWEET me at @missymaki and FOLLOW ME on Instagram @missymaki to see my journey through the weekend!  Expect some great selfless with celebrity chefs!

TICKETS ARE STILL FOR SALE for some of the classes, Oregon Bounty, Brunch Village, but they WILL sell out!

Let’s Connect!

I think I many have had a life changing day | Chicken with Tri-Colored Quinoa

You wake up, you go about your business, you work, you spend time with family.  Normal trappings of a wonderful life.

Then you go somewhere, learn something and it alters your thinking.  I did that.  I went to Bob’s Red Mill.  I listened.  I opened my ears and shut my mouth.  I think in a total of 20 minutes my life changed.

I live a busy, joyful life.  I have most of the things I ever wanted.  I also enjoy amazing health as do my children and husband.  But do I?  Am I looking close enough?  Have I confused youth with health and now, as I enter my 40′s and have become a mother, do I need to step back. pause, reevaluate and change?  Yes,  Yes I do.

I learned a bit about Gluten.  I learned a bit about GMOs.  I learned the little tiny bit that tells me that it can only help me to be conscious of these items.  That we eat a lot of things we do not need, and that whole, fresh, thoughtful food is the way to health.  Not counting calories, but counting the source of your food.  Count the additives, count the GMOs.  Count the allergy-causing ingredients.  Ask.  Ask yourself “are not the things I feed myself and my family the most personal thing there is?”  Food keeps us alive.  Food is the building stones of my beautiful children.  Food ensures my husband is there to enjoy retirement with me.  If we finally get a moment to slow down, I want to be able to go for walks on strong legs, read with healthy eyes, and still enjoy food.

So…In the last year I have had people come into my life who lead a GF (gluten-free) lifestyle that I have poo-pooed.  Brandie, my friend and colleague actually shoots pod-casts with me and you see me CLEARLY rolling my eyes at her GF comments.  Kathy, our wonderful nanny also lives GF.  So, this is not a step that is without support.

Bob’s Red Mill  are not a solely GF company but their dedication to these product is superior to any.  Also, this is a story rich with love, family, faith, and even a fire!  You need to visit and take a tour Monday-Friday to hear the story, but it is a fantastic one! Information about tours can be found HERE Please go!  Their website is RICH with recipes, information, resources, and frankly, is just fun to click through!  You can also order all the products you want on the website.  Most stores carry some of Bob’s items, but not all – check out the store HERE!  The tours may or may not yield a “Bob Sighting” but rest assured his office is there in the factory and he is working alongside the very employees that he and his family signed ownership over to on hist 81st birthday.  Yes, he is that good of a man.

goods in bags

So, I did it, I bought the products.  I have been practicing being GF for 2 days now.  Do I plan on going 100% ?  I have no idea.  We will see.  Here is a glimpse of last nights dinner.  Chicken, Vegetables and Tri Colored Quinoa.  Recipe below


Chicken & Vegetables with Bob's Red Mill Tri-Colored Quinoa

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Yield: 2-3

Serving Size: 2 cups


  • 1 cup Bob's Red Mill Tri Colored Quinoa
  • 1 lb Chicken Breast
  • 2 tbs coconut oil
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 yellow onion, sliced
  • 2 cups cabbage, shredded
  • 2 tbs minced garlic
  • Sea salt, pepper, hot sauce based on personal flavor preference


  1. Cook Quinoa per instructions ( about 25 minutes) once pulled from the element start the rest.
  2. Poach chicken breasts. Slice into 2 inch pieces. Cook during quinoa process so it is read for the next steps.
  3. Over Medium high heat add 2 tbsp coconut oil to wok (I prefer to cook with a big wok, you can use a large deep frying pan). Add the onion, once sweating, add the cabbage and chicken.
  4. When cabbage is to your desired doneness, add the garlic and spinach. Fold together until spinach takes on a vibrant green look - only 1 minute or so. Remove from element.
  5. You can serve this over the quinoa - toss the quinoa in, or just have it on the side. I finished with sea salt, but you may want a drizzle of hot sauce or pepper.
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Allowing life to fit.

Where is time going?  Blurring by me.  There is no pause button.

Somehow you get up, power-shower, make breakfast, snuggle babies, drink coffee, put eyeliner on, and get you and your husbands lunches ready.  Somehow you just do it.  Who is this woman?  This mother, this wife?

You wake up….14 months after delivering your twins and the ill-conceived and poorly executed hair hacking that occurred postpartum has grown out.  Your pants fit.  You are looking at your husband with dreamy eyes again, not spears of death shooting out of them.  Life is easing into a new pattern and like they say, you don’t remember what your life was like before you had children.

You start to remember SOME things.  You think about moments of tenderness between you and your spouse.  It was just you and him against the world.  No one had loved in the way you loved each other since the dawn of mankind.  What happened?  What is different?  Everything is different, and no, life will not be the carnival of  “do what you want” that you had the luxury of living before you had children.  This is your new reality.  Ease into it like a pair of great yoga pants.  Allow it to fit.  Allow it to be.

You hear a noise in the middle of the night.  You walk to the nursery and your son is standing up in his crib.  You are thinking…Oh no, I am going to be up for at least an hour.  You cross the room to him and he is smiling.  He reaches out and says “Momma”.  Suddenly you cry.  The tears wont stop.  These tears are happening far too often.

You love being a mother.  You never thought it would be so natural for you.

You pick him up, change his diaper and sit down in the nursery with a bottle that he drinks too quickly and falls asleep far too fast afterwards.  So, you sit in the chair under his far too quickly growing body.  It is happening too fast.  He eats too fast.  He is running.  He keeps growing out of his shoes.  He is turning into a little boy.  You lay him down in his crib.  Then, behind you….”Momma?”  Yes, your other angel is up.  You repeat the steps…  diaper, bottle, snuggle.  You cry more.  How will you keep her safe?  How will you make sure she loves herself as she is?  How do you keep her sheltered from bullies and away from cyber-scaries?  It has been another hour.  You lay her down.

You crawl back into bed, only an hour until you wake up to start your day, but your day has already started.  Your day and your life are underway, and it all fits.  It fits perfectly.





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