Simple Kitchen 12-4-16

Missy is ready for Christmas, and went to a dinner where she learned more about pistachios. James had a pretty big triumph. The Fat Man is back. Not Santa…Dan and Maureen Olds of Fat Man Candy have returned!

Seamus Foren is the new owner/chef of Acadia is in studio to talk about his rise to culinary glory. Missy has a few tips for your holiday entertaining.

Simple Kitchen 11-27-16

Missy and James are celebrating three years on the air together. What is Thanksgiving like at the Maki house? Jams got to see first hand. Cards Against Humanity is a great and horrible game. BJ Smith is the latest Portland Chef to be on Bravo’s Top Chef. Superfoods that can help control your diabetes.

Johnny Nunn of Verdigris takes Missy and James on a fun and strange journey from Maryland to Portland, and talks about some of the delicious and fantastic things happening at Verdigris.


Simple Kitchen 11-20-16

It is the 5th Annual Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving! Missy and James start the show with the fascinating story of Thanksgiving. Erin of and Meredith of help us plan our own Friends-Giving. Ryan of Aria gin has cocktails prepared. Lindsay From and Jenni Bost of are talking potatoes.

Lyndsey has some things to say about turkey, and Bee of has a few tips as well. Marylynn of Urbanblisslife and Melissa of are talking wine and dessert. Ryan returns with a delicious dessert cocktail.

What you might not know. You know, about me.

As I grow in my career, I find that I am trying to wrap words around who I am.  3 small sentences of a body of work. What if we all had a small page describing yourself, as a shorthand, to make you less of a name, and more of a human?

I recently received a promotion.  Earlier this year I was placed in charge of the Oregon sales force.  This week I was given California and Nevada as well.  My job doubled in one phone call.  There are all of these new, amazing people that I get to help, hopefully inspire.  But I cannot just go have coffee with them.  I am an email, a cell phone, and possibly a few visits a year.  It stumps me, because I have been in my industry for 26 years,  In Catering for 19.  Face to face is my thing.  I like to talk.  I mean, hell, I have been on the air for 5 years.  2 hours of talk radio, every Sunday.  I talk.  About food.  To people.

So, here it is.  Here is my description, and I can say what I want because it is my blog, and I am hoping if I describe myself here, perhaps I can describe myself to others….better.

I am a wife and mother.  I married a 6 foot 6 blonde haired blue eyed varsity basketball coach and PE teacher.  I married the dream.  Cool headed, steady, strong.  He blessed me with boy-girl twins.  Their names are Jordan James and Montana.  They are my sun and moon.

I am a career focused person.  I will always have a piece of my brain in my job at all time. I am never off.  I genuinely care about the welfare of those who work with me.  If you aren’t happy  outside of work, you certainly will not be happy when you are at work.  Balance is the key.  If you don’t force your balance, you will be an imbalanced employee, and you will not last.  Me, I last.  I power through the storms to get to the sunshine.  My career is absolutely a study in positive thinking, asking for forgiveness, and pushing the envelope.  Above all:  I laugh at myself. A lot.  I mean A LOT.  Ask any of my bosses.

I am a radio personality.  Okay, here is where it gets weird.  I have a successful career in radio.  I have been on the air with “The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki” for 5 years.  It is a 2 hour talk show about food:  chefs, brewers, in home cooking, winemakers, cheesemakers, fishers, saltmakers.  TASTEMAKERS.  I live and die by food and beverage.  People wear shirts with my name on it.  (want one?  hahaha!  But really, they are cute)  You can listen live KPAM AM 860 Sundays 10am-noon, or you can find all the podcasts on iTunes or at or on this site under “Podcasts” up above.  My show is a top downloaded podcast.  It is really good.  Okay, now I am being a jerk…but google Missy Maki if you want to get a horrifying insight on my food life.  Particularly the images. *hides behind desk*

I am a public speaker and host.  Alrighty, it gets REALLY weird here.  I host and MC a large amount of Auctions and Food events.  Cook offs, The Bite, School Auctions, you name it.  I MC conferences on foods, I do mini commercials for food brands like Johnsonville Brats. I do Instagram takeovers for large brands…. See what I am saying?  I have a really weird life.

I am an athlete.  I put my health into every equation.  My home office is half office, half exercise equipment:  elliptical, recumbent cycle, stairmaster, yoga space and weights.  I do not separate my exercise and my work – they feed each other.  I have run 6 half marathons and Hood 2 Coast twice. (Third time this August!)  I am only 5 foot 5 but I pack a wallop, and physical strength and character strength go hand in hand for me.  I am not a swimsuit model, I am a strong, healthy woman.

I am an AMA Mother.  This is a big one for me and a huge part of who I am. .  I delivered my twins at age 42.  AMA means Advanced Maternal Age.  42 felt a little on the older side to have kids, by the way, even I agree about that.  Hey, we are not all blessed in every health category, but I definitely hit the jackpot with my kids.  BINGO!

I am an active member of Les Dames d’Escoffier.  I am a Dame and it is my biggest honor outside of being a mother.  If you are not sure of what that is:  Click the link, we are a wonderful, benevolent group of powerful women in the world of food and wine.  These women are my tribe.

I am funny, I cry easily, I love food, beer, wine and bourbon.

I love being a wife and mommy, and I was born to be a leader.  I will strive to deserve each of these roles, and as my roles change, I will work hard to be the best I can.  Your patience is appreciated.  Also a little forgiveness because I will make a mistake.  Sorry…..


I am not without divinity

I am not without divinity.FullSizeRender (7)

I find spirituality in the sun, the moon, the air.  The seasons, the slow and steady movement of the mountains, the consistent ebb and flow of the sea.

Children, love, family.

I do not need organized religion to create a full circle in my life.   I see the spirits that I need in trees, words, laughter.  I am spiritual.  I am.  I do not need a parted sea, or to believe I will rise.  I simply do not need access to the before or the after.  I am okay with the now.

Can I be a woman, wife, mother, and can I believe in marriage and not a God that is in the vision of what many believe?  To me, marriage is a simple commitment of combining lives, and committing to each other.

Raising children with a love of nature, an appreciation to commitment, health, love of the earth and equality among all is a legacy I hope for.

I am not without divinity,  I am more blessed than I ever thought I would be, but the blessings are brought on by my open arms.  I worked and willed them to my heart, and now I reap their rewards.

I am not without a religion, my religion is nature.

*Written in honor of my stepfather, Claude Gagnon, who would be mortified today*




Simple Kitchen 11-6-16

Deconstructing food isn’t always the greatest. Missy can’t work her headphones. Darcy Kochis of Little Handfuls Organic is making it easier to get your kids good nutrition. Missy is obsessed with cheese

The mastermind behind Chevoo is on The Simple Kitchen. How do you make goat cheese better, infuse it with sea salt, chilies, of dill. Gerrard explains why chevre is popular Down Under. Missy has some pretty strange ways to help keep you healthy.