Ground Turkey Breast Breakfast Sausage?

Penzeys has the most incredible spices….I’m trying an experiment with their breakfast sausage spice…..can I make this typically fatty-mcfat-fat food healthy? Stay tuned…..

Update on the “sausage” It is delicious!! What a great way to remove calories from your breakfast!

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2 thoughts on “Ground Turkey Breast Breakfast Sausage?”

  1. Im stupidly addicted to sausage..ill have to try out that spice and do this myself 😀 i tend to buy vegetarian or turkey sausage at the store…*lazy*

  2. Awesome! I love Penzeys! I'll have to try this. Are you going to post your recipe? I would love to make this sometime. Sausage is my favorite breakfast meat (over bacon, ect) but it can be really high in fat. Great idea!!

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