Side of Life…..6

Am I nervous? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Six. Freaking. Days.

Everything is in our favor. There has been nothing that would make me think…this may not happen. If anything the Dr and nurse have been overwhelmingly excited about how things are shaping up. No red flags. Textbook.

I am currently sipping my last cup of black tea. I have weaned myself from a 4-5 cups of coffee/lattes habit to a small black tea in the morning with sugar in the raw and fat free milk. I have not even been finishing it. My body no longer needs it to function, I am not even craving it, which is a blessing. A beautiful blessing.

Alcohol? Nothing has crossed these lips in 5 weeks other than a few sips of beer at a Farmers Beer-pairing dinner.

I have been exercising consistently. I have been eating 3 meals a day. I have not missed any shots or pills. I have been sleeping well, and staying away from people and situations that are difficult. I have never, in all of the 3 plus years that we have been trying to conceive been as perfect as I am now. Perhaps that hefty price tag assists in the care you take.

I have 6 days to go, and I may not write a side of life again for a while. I may wait until we see a heartbeat(s). Or perhaps until my heart mends from an unsuccessful cycle. I may write tomorrow. Who knows. It will depend on how I feel. I am a “sharer” and while I have been put down MANY times for sharing, and not being private I just don’t care. I am not private. I do not find IVF to be a dirty secret. I don’t believe you are “jinxed” if you share before the first trimester even. It is what it is. Most peoples challenges are on display: Unemployment. Blindness. Amputee…. So many things you see the second you meet someone or talk to them. But, you do not love them less, you do not judge them. I will assume that the average person wishes me well, and if they find this blog, buried deep beneath the other blogs and websites, and read my little posts, I hope that they smile and think….Good for her for not hiding her challenges and successes in a closet. Good for her for living life to the fullest, out there in the open, sharing the peaks and valleys of an otherwise average American life.

People are good at heart. I have to believe that for myself, and for my children, the ones that got me here, to this moment, writing to you.

Review: Thai Peacock

I just adore being back in the middle of the city!  I was just telling a friend, while dining at this restaurant that working in the center of the city makes me feel ALIVE!  All of the people bustling around, the sunny weather, the food carts, the streetcar… is fabulous!

Today I met with a dear friend to try Thai Peacock:

A small Thai restaurant in the center of the city – located on 9th and Burnside….I could tell it was going to be great becasue all the outside seats were taken! We sat inside and looked at the menu….we were immediately offered beverages and a HUGE smile from our server.

Now…I will be honest, I asked a colleague whose parents happen to own a Thai restaraunt what I should order. I gave her the menu in advance, and she gave me 3 options – #5, #15 and #20. We decided to pick #5 and #15 and share!
We ordered:
Panang Curry (with Tofu)

Drunken Noodles with Chicken

We enjoyed some conversation and the food was very quick – but the swift service is not the only thing that was amazing – LOOK AT THIS FOOD! This was our lunch! It was Gorgeous!!


The verdict was that I was unsure which one I liked the most! The Panang was such an amazing curry flavor and not overdone…meaning I cannot feel it seeping from my pores as I type this up. The portion was perfect, and the vegetables were crisp and fresh. The tofu was the fried tofu, which I prefer in dishes like this because the sauce sticks to it! The Drunken Noodles were so unique! Wide, and sticky and chewy. I am unsure if they are supposed to be this way, but I loved it! So…Try both! The service – fast, and friendly – the food, fresh and delicious and very reasonable. Two lunches and a soft drink before tip was under 20 bucks! Friends – if you are in P-town – hit up Thai Peacock!

Thai Peacock
219 SW 9th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205

Review: Pho Van on 82nd

I love trying new places! Gadget Girl texted me about meeting up at Pho Van for some din-din and I thought “perf….I’ll write up a review!”

Got there easily enough. Plenty of parking (Sunday at 630) so that was a good start. There were enough cars in the lot though to make me feel comforted as well.

Nice decor and clean! I was greeted immediately and seated (no reservation) but the hostess said “follow me” and dashed to the table….dropped the menus and kept walking….didn’t turn back! I assumed that was my table and sat down. I received water and waited for my friend. No offer for drinks.

Gadget Girl arrived and we perused the menu! I ordered 24 and a sprite….Gadget Girl ordered a rice noodle dish with chicken and pork skewers! My meal description:

Food came, no sprite, but WOW! My food was glorious! See below:

This was amaaaaazing! The broth was gorgeous, The portion incredibly generous! It came with bean sprouts, lime and jalapeño peppers. I put everything in and enjoyed one of the best meals I have eaten in days (I’m a foodie…I eat a lot of great stuff). The sprite came half way through the meal and I basically had to beg for water…but the food was phenomenal! Look above at the price!! Well worth it!

To sum it up: The restaurant is clean, great parking, gets decent business, and has a cheery and comfortable environment. The service is not great, but the food more than makes up for it. I forgot about being ignored the moment I got my food! My advice: GO!! I plan to return and see if the service was a snafu or not….the menu is extensive and I plan on trying a lot of items!!

Missy Maki!!

Simple Kitchen Episode 16 – Diabetes Happens and Event Planning

What an awesome show!!! Great guests and great information!

The fabulous episode with Mike Farrell of diabetes and Event Gurus Erin Hight & Tara Blair!

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Hurry up and wait.

Hurry up and wait.  I live that term day in and day out.

12 days to go.  Retrieval in 7 days.

I am lucky that my life is so crazy full right now.  Between my daytime job, radio show, work and social engagements, I am NOT without things to do.  Heck, I havent opened my book in weeks.  I try, but I just crash when I get into bed at night (thank you, Lupron) 

This week (If you can tell, I am making these entries every week) I have new emotions.  Last week I was worried about if it will work.  Now I am worried about if I will be a good mother.  Am I capable of unconditional love?  Wll I be able to make enough money to allow my child play sports, dance, go to camps?  Will I have a short temper?  Will my age allow me to be the temperate, kind parent that I long to be?  Will I take the time to sit and talk to my children, know who they are and value their individuality?  Will I make sure that I am there with open ears, kind eyes and a cookie for scraped knees and broken hearts?  I think about holding my child’s hand.  Anywhere…the park, the ocean, the mall, and I am already struck with how heartbroken I will be when my child no longer wants to hold hands.  This is what troubles me.  Holding my children’s hands. 

I want my kids to come home from school and tell me everything.  I want to know about the math test, the bully, and the fun and exciting teacher (who will be the recipient of many starbucks cards from Mrs Maki).  How do you ensure that your kids will do that?  That they will want to share?  This is what is in my mind.

So….who knows what madness will overwhelm my mind next week.  For now, it is simple.  How do I make sure my kids are happy?  Does anyone know?

Love to you all!  XOXO Missy



Garden Basil,Tomato & Bean Penne Pasta

The idea  was simple, something I had seen several times on twitter.  “Meatless Monday”  An idea that you took a day off from eating animal protein and attempted to focus on meals based around fruit, vegetables and legumes.  I love it.  Ever since my SKwMM episode about  vegetarianism and Veganism…I have been thinking…how much meat do I really need?

I love meat, and adore different styles of cooking of meat….but this was about small changes, for my health, and to attempt making a smaller impact on the planet. 

My herbs are glorious and the tomatoes at the market are delicious.  I added the whole grain pasta simply because I lead an active lifestyle that includes exercise for up to an hour several times a week!  I added the beans to ensure my husband gets all of the protein his 6 foot 4 athletic frame needs.   This meal was easy, delicious, and even better warmed up the next day for lunch!

Garden Basil,Tomato & Bean Penne Pasta

Yield: 4


  • 5 large tomatoes - diced with juice reserved
  • 1 large handful (big handful) of basil, chopped
  • 1 can of sliced black olives
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 can drained pinto beans
  • sea salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • 1 box whole grain penne pasta


  1. Boil pasta per directions and set aside in collander.
  2. Place tomatoes with their juice, basil, beans, olives and garlic in sauce pan and gently warm.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste when the vegetables are all warmed through and lightly bubbling.
  4. Place pasta in bowl and pout tomato sauce over and serve immediately. Garnish with fresh basil and parmesan if you would like some cheese.