Baked Seasoned Saltines: a healthy alternative to chips

Have I caught your attention? Well, let me give you some background on this. Last week Carrie Cowan of brought in her notebook that was actually a rebound cookbook from the 50s with new, empty pages included. We started to flip through out of curiosity and were having a great laugh about some odd gelatins and dips that were in the book.

Then….we came upon the baked crackers! There was this great recipe for butter and saltine crackers. A way to “dress up” the crackers you already have. I was really excited! If you have parted with $5 for a box of crackers, you know what I mean. Also, why not flavor some crackers while you are at it and attempt to not eat the deep fried chips that we love so much? I know that there are some foods that are just a little better with a crunchy chip alongside it….such as….Mexican Pie!

Baked Seasoned Saltines


1 sleeve saltines

1 T Cooking spray or melted butter

1 1/2 T Herb Blend: Taco seasonings, garlic powder, onion powder, ranch dip powder rosemary, tarragon ( have fun!!)


Preheat oven to 350. Lay the saltines on a sheet pan and lightly spray the crackers on one side. Lightly sprinkle herbs on the crackers and place in oven. Do not put salt on them unless they are unsalted crackers. Allow to toast for 8-10 minutes. Pull out, cool and serve with lowfat dips and delicious cheeses! Enjoy feeling smug that you are not eating a fried snack.

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