Sorry, I’m not “That Mom”.

We all come into motherhood with ideas.  I was a realist for most part.  I wanted my kids to have a real childhood with koolaid mustaches, full days in bare feet and *gasp* a few moments of sweet freedom riding around the cul de sac without a helmet on.  I wanted these wonderful memories for my children.  I planned to not overschedule them.  To not torture them with gymnastics, swim classes and over the top birthday parties that yield piles upon piles of junk and one more thing to compete for. (Bouncy house?  Gift bags for 45 kids who are NOT the guest of honor?  Cake pops and make your own sundaes?  NOPE)

Then…you are only 33 weeks along and your children make a surprise entrance and spend a month in the hospital NICU under the care of specialists.  You change.  Pretty damned fast.

When I brought my children home I was behaving like they were these delicate creatures.  “careful with her back!”  “please keep his head fully suported!”  “please wash your hands before you hold them”.

This is exhausting and around week three of juggling twins I realized that not only had I not bathed in 2 days, I had a stinky bin of dipes and wipes and a sink full of bottles.  Who was I kidding?  Being an uber-protective mama is for the birds.  I cannot do it and still have time to roll around on the floor with my sweet little snarfles.  This time is so fleeting that I just cannot care.  There is time for tidy homes, and this is not it.  My initial ideas were corect… hell with this “helmet and bubblewrap” world.  We just need to stay alive and have a good time doing it.

So….sorry, I am not “That Mom” and my kids wont be inviting you to a GALA for their first birthday.  They will enjoy a cupcake that they will smear all over their bodies and Grandma will take a picture.  They will play with the box that a gift came in, and that will be that.

Also – I would like to apologize in advance if my kid gives yours lice.  I expect them to be EVERYwhere at school, not prissing out in the corner becasue they can’t get dirty, so that means they will likely get lice and colds.  They are kids.  I plan to let them have their childhood.  Lice, koolaid mustaches, and all.

So…little snarfles of mine…..go get after it.  Go get crazy, fall off your bike, eat a lttle dirt, and bring home some snotty noses.  These, my darlings, are your rights of childhood!


Simple Kitchen Beets – Crockpot

How wonderful is the summer season? There are farmers markets busting at the seams with gorgeous veggies and fruits! A wonderful family and friends of ours went to the Gresham Farmers Market and brought us a bounty of fabulous veggies and fruits! The timing was perfect becasue I needed kitchen inspiration!

My “catch of the day” included 2 healthy bunches of red beets and I had a few golden in my fridge from the Beaverton Farmers Market. I have not always liked beets but in the last 5 years or so I have fallen in love with them and their earthy flavor. The exact thing that turned me off…..turned me right back on. I wish it was like this with other things for me, such as kale….but alas it is not (yuk!)

I read somewhere that you can cook beets in the crockpot. Now, the only thing holding me back from making beets and eating them on a regular basis outside of my favorite restaurants was the fact that they are a FREAKING PAIN IN THE TOOKUS TO MAKE! But, it sounds like there may be a soution:

The ingredients re simple. Olive oil and fresh beets. I took the opportunity to use some of this awesome Red Ridge Olive OIl from Oregon Olive Mill!!! I figure I may as well keep this recipe local. I preach it enough….right?

My directions are Simple Kitchen Simple:

Take 2 bunches of medium sized beets. Scrub them down and cut the within 1 inch of the beet. Wrap in tin foil packets…one to 2 per packet…and put in the crockpot on medium for 4 hours or high for 3.5 hours. When done, cool completely and remove from tin foil and rub skin off with a papertowel. One paper towel will suffice for all of the beets…no need to be wasteful…..

Gorgeous Roasted Beets

Enjoy your fabulous beets in a salad, by themselves, or warmed and as a simple side dish!