Product Review: Marshall’s Haute Sauce

I think we all know Missy Maki is a sucker for a local product. I truly get excited when I see “Oregon” on a lable and whether you live in our fair state or not….you should too. We are an all encompassing state. We have the ocean, forests, and even desert. We have apple orchards and cranberry bogs. We have salt harvesting and wine making. We have honeys with different flavors based on the neighborhood the bees live in…..we are an amazing state. You should check us out. We are THAT awesome.

I came across these sauce-makers via another local product. Sarah and Dirk Marshall are making amazing sauces, jams and rubs, and I truly just thought they were making hot sauce until they gave me some bacon jam (whoa, breakfast will never be the same) and some potato rub (ridiculously good….I am sprinkling it on anything that even has a shred of potato in it) and even a seasonal Cranberry Red Jalapeno sauce. Can you imagine? I don't have to. I own it. So THERE. (sticks tongue out)

The sauces are clearly lableled with the date of creation as well as the batch number. Pretty damn cool. Above is a photo of the gift pack I have, I have already used each of these and the Habanero Carrot Curry is my favorite…outside of the potato rub not pictured here but currently enjoying a short-lived shelf life that all beloved spices go through. If you are a cook or baker, you understand this.

These sauces are great finishing sauces, they can be added to slow cooking pots (I did this with the BBQ on some chicken breast – YUM!) or just dip some corn chips in them and feel smug that you are eating a local product! They are gorgeous and you will absolutely get people asking about the unique flavors. But….lets talk about the product…I mean REALLY, let's talk about the product:

When the Marshalls came on my show (Sarah is pregnant so I have decided we are best friends because that happens when you have kids… just decide that because you both have been pregnant you have everything in common) I asked about the product. They described the ingredients as a “list of their friends”. Let me explain: They know every person who made the indredients in all of their products. They know the beekeeper who makes the honey (Damian of Bee Local) they know the people who grew the carrots, they know the genleman who harvested the salt (Ben of Jacobsen's Salt) They have Peppers being grown specifically for THEM. I ask you….is this not a product that is second to none? Yes. Yes it is.

When I asked about growth, they looked at each other and smiled. They explained that it was important to be involved in making their beautiful sauces and that world domination was not the goal. Making an amazing tasting and locally sourced product was the goal. Hold onto your morals and ethics you two…..growth is inevitable. Trust me here.

You can find Marshall's Haute Sauces in local stores but easiest is to go to their gorgeous website at But they are everywhere…..New Seasons, Elephants, Tails and Trotters, Stone Cottage, Local Choice Market…… You can meet them in person at the PSU Farmers Market and at most of the big farmers markets during the “season”.

Well done Mr and Mrs Marshall. Well done indeed.


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