A Thousand Years.

I wake up on a foggy Tuesday morning.  Feed my twins, put them back down and shower for the day.  I am reflective.  I am ready to write.

My reality and views of everything have changed.  Gone is the fear of a new mother with small, weak infants.  In her place is another woman, another version of the changing me.  This woman is confident and ready for this adventure that I signed up for.

I put my lotion on, put on my robe, and walk back to the nursery to listen to my children breathing and I am reminded of the world of possibilities in front of them.  I pass my husband in the hall, I tell him I love him.

I am growing on the inside in a way that many women do at a much earlier age.  I hesitate to say that I wish I was younger because my advanced age offers me a calmness and overall patience that you do not have in your 20s.  There are merits to being young, there are merits to being older.  I like both options, but I am partial to my decision to wait.  To wait for HIM, my love.  To wait for my life to happen.  To wait for ME.

I go down the stairs and turn on the fireplace and pour a cup of coffee.  I stand looking out the window that I have taken countless photos through of the changing the seasons.  6 years.  We have lived here 6 years.  Everything has meaning to me this morning.  Perhaps it is because I have been sick with a cold, perhaps I am finally rested.  I keep looking out the window, the sunrise will be coming soon.

Who is this new woman I can see somewhat looking back at me in the window?  She is older, yet she is more youthful in her approach to everything.  She has a better view of herself, and is kinder to her faults.  She has forgiven herself for not being a scholar.  She has let go of the dreams of the perfect body.  She has said to herself finally “be the best version of yourself you can be today”.  This is a woman I would want to be friends with.  This thought makes me smile, and I see myself smile back through the window that I am standing in front of…..lost in thought.

I walk over to the dining room table, take a photo of the funny assortment of items near my computer….coffee, a mini tutu for my daughter, organic orajel for the budding teeth popping up in my sons mouth.  A snapshot of my life now.  I place it on Instagram to share with my friends.  I am lost in thought again.

I turn on my phone, click to I Heart Radio and press “Christina Perri” station.  The song “A Thousand Years” comes on.  This song is the song that in the past year made me cry so much because it is how I feel about my husband.  I will love you for a thousand years.  It is how I feel about my children…I will love you for a thousand more.  I have a tear drop down my cheek, I am not unhappy.  I am just ready to write this love letter to my life.  I refill my coffee cup and I write.

I will love you for a thousand years.   I will love you for a thousand more.

It is always my hope that someone, somewhere will stumble upon my words.  Tomorrow, the next day, 10 years from now.  Perhaps it is my granddaughter years after I have passed on and she says to herself:  Yes. This is how I feel.

It is okay to write love letters to your life, right?


4 Days of “Getting Better Meals”

I have survived my first brush with illness as a family. Not fun. I have spend almost 4 days straight (excluding a trip to the Dr.’s office and to the station for my show) inside the confines of my home. The time does not fly by when you have sick twinfants and husband, but I did do one thing: I cooked. I made breakfasts, lunches, dinners an presented them beautifully. We ate well. I believe this is the reason we are all better and by night 4 the kids are back to sleeping 9 hours and Mommy and Daddy are ready to get back to work. In fact, I write this a I drink my morning coffee before I head in to the office.

Maybe what I am trying to say is that you cannot underestimate the value of home cooked meals without preservatives and extra added fats and such. Simple wholesome foods that give us our energy back.

I am not a fan of these diets that have you cut entire parts of food out. Such as bread or grain or fruit. I think all of these are important when eating, We certainly do not need a lot of pasta, but subbing whole grain pasta is a good idea and using less…..or whole grain breads for bleached flours. Why not go one further and make your own bread and pasta and take total control of the ingredients back?

Here is a list of the foods that I made – not all waistline-friendly, but in moderation, everything is fine. These are the highlights of the foods that healed us:

Morning Breakfast Scramble with Potatoes and Shallot Cottonseed Oil
Pumpkin Cookies ( LOWFAT!)
Mexican lasagna
Morning Breakfast Biscuits
Slow Cooked Broccoli Soup
Whole Grain Paninis with Tomato Soup
Cheddar and Turkey Pressed Quesadillas

I will write up these recipes and add the links over the next week!

I cooked every meal from scratch, We either ate a scratch meal or leftovers for every meal for 4 days. Pretty awesome, in my opinion.

Happy Tuesday, which is now my Monday.  Make it a great one!  I will take my healthy self to work now…..

Lobster Anywhere? That is the name and they DELIVER, literally! @lobsteranywhere

Lobster.  As West-coasters, we are not often given the opportunity to enjoy this delicacy. I personally adore lobster. I will never forget my first taste of a lobster tail drenched in drawn butter. It was on a date and it certainly made a big impression! When I was asked to give Lobster Anywhere a try I was overjoyed! A chance to do something I have never done:  Cook lobster in my own home!  Guess what?  It was incredibly easy…..as you will see below!

The box arrived in dry ice and was easy to open and understand. I also received the Clam Chowder as well as the Bacon Wrapped Scallops. All three were in safe packaging and easily identifiable. There was a pamphlet that told you how to cook the meal. I realized at that point that I had a perfect romantic meal for two!  Lucky us!

Time to start cooking…. The entire meal took me about 20 minutes to prepare. The soup simply needed to be warmed, the scallops I pan seared on my range in a no-stick pan with a drizzle of olive oil and the lobster tails were steamed also on my range. The only things I added were some drawn butter and a crusty loaf of bread! The meal, as you can see, turned out lovely!

So, I suggest you give Lobster Anywhere a shot if you are looking for delicious, tender, beautiful lobster, great costumer service and quick delivery!  If you have someone to impress….this is your way to go!  www.lobsteranywhere.com  I DO want to note that these are MY photos that I took when I cooked what was delivered to my home!  YUMMM!

Simple Kitchen Pumpkin Cake

Hello pumpkin season!

We went out to the Pumpkin Patch here in Oregon and had a blast.  The kids slept and we actually fed them a bottle out in a pumpkin field.  We had wild cherry wine and beer for the grown ups and tasted in a new autumn season….one that includes three new people in our circle!  3 little ones were born since last Thanksgiving!!

That evening I wanted to bake something pumpkin.  In years past I had the time to work from scratch but this season I had to improvise.  Yes, I did it, I tried out the good old cake mix recipes.  I know that it is never as good as from scratch, but it is better than store bought with the added benefit of a very low fat content!  I came across a recipe on Facebook a bit ago that was a pumpkin cake that was too easy…I decided to try it:

SIMPLE KITCHEN Cakebox Pumpkin Cake


1 box Yellow Cake Mix

1 15oz can of Pumpkin Puree

Cinnamon, Cloves, Pumpkin Pie Spice to your hearts delight.

OPTIONAL:  Caramel sauce


Grease a standard cake dish ( I used a glass one) and preheat oven to 350.  Mix Cake mix and pumpkin together, add cinnamon and clove ( I uses one dash of clove and several of cinnamon) then spread into cake dish.  Cook 25 minutes and remove after a toothpick comes out dry.

Allow to cool.  I poked small holes in the top and drizzled with caramel sauce to make it extra moist but you do not need to do this.  We served it with a scoop of fat free frozen yogurt and a caramel drizzle!


Here I am! Over here!

Finally I have found my way back to me.
I have been here, but kind of hidden among the wreckage of a beat up body and exhausted brain. I am here, and yes, I am different. But I am here.
I put up holiday décor yesterday. It was a simple thing, Pumpkin on the door, candles, autumn table cloths, etc. It was the act of bringing my “me” back to the life we have. I felt like our life was starting to take on a new form, as if there was an outline emerging. Something I could make sense of, but it is still a little blurry around the edges. Funny the things that make that happen.
I also started to get things put away. Organizing one room at a time. When you go through a really tough pregnancy while in a demanding career, your organized life hits the skids. So, putting away photo frames that we piling up, taking the board games back to the basement, and putting away boxes is cathartic. It shows you that your old life is still there, whether you want it or not. It is the framework that your new life, the one as a family of four will be supported by. So, by doing these normal things, I make my frame stronger. I also am cleaning my house in the process. Now I have a large home and this will take a month or so, but it is a good practice…to see what goes where in my new life.
Exercise is my new secret crush. I cannot wait to get my 35 minutes of physical fitness in. It helps all other areas of my life. As my children get bigger and stronger those 35 minutes will get to grow to 45 and even an hour but for now it is 35 minutes. Cardio, arms, abs. Cardio, arms, abs. Cardio arms, abs. I am in love with being strong. My back, my arms, my brain.’
So here I am…working my way back to me. One room, one workout, one pumpkin spice candle at a time. My life is a beautiful thing, I hope yours is too.

Simple Kitchen Cookie Contest – BIG PRIZES!!!

Hooray for the holidays!

Do you have a cookie recipe?  A GREAT holiday cookie recipe?  Well, WE WANT IT!  We also want to make you a STAR and give you presents and have you help host the show!

Send your cookie recipe to promo_missymaki@yahoo.com by October 19th 2013!  Include: Name, address, and phone number!

I will review the recipes and pick 6 recipes!  THEN I will distribute them to 6 of the TOP OREGON FOOD BLOGGERS to try in their kitchen as well as BLOG YOUR RECIPE giving you the kudos, of course!

On December 1, 2013, all of the bloggers will descend upon the studio with your cookies in their hands to be tested by a panel of judges.  The BEST HOLIDAY COOKIE will be selected and unveiled!  What will you win?  Well let me tell you….

  • Accolades on all blogs!
  • A GIANT basket of goodies for your baking pleasure!  LaGrima Vanilla, Wild Friends Peanut Butter, Bee Local Honey, Best Manufacturers, Inc  whisks, TDM Timers, a 5th of DL Franklin Vodka (baking is hard!)…..just to name a few.  Trust me it is a BIG basket!
  • A guest stint on The Simple Kitchen with ME!  Missy Maki….your host! (only if you are local or able to get to the studio!

So dust off that recipe!  Email it to promo_missymaki@yahoo.com and let the games begin!!