Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving 2013

Hi, have we met?  I host a little radio show, and on said show I interview people.  I write a little blog on the side (that you are reading) but I have a group of friends who write BIG blogs.  Every year I bring them together and challenge them to take on a course of the holiday all foodies share a passion for:  THANKSGIVING!  The twist is that the recipe must showcase the bounty of Oregon.  You will see that these talented ladies always come through!!!

To make this a full and complete event, I force them to all come into the studio, enjoy food and drinks and talk to YOU, the home cook, and tell them their tips, insider information, and have a wonderful time in the company of fellow food lovers.  It is a show we all look forward to and reference through the year!

Here is who I refer to as “Team Portland” and I would put them up against ANY cities bloggers!

I let them decide among themselves who gets to do what on a first come first serve basis!  Everyone likes desserts and sweet potatoes!  Carrie is taking the bullet for the second year and doing the most important course…the Turkey!  All of these recipes are created by your local bloggers for you, the people of Portland.  If you like a recipe but want to make changes for your region or have questions…please go to their websites and ask them – they love to help educate people about cooking!  While you are at it – book mark their sites – these ladies stay abreast of what is happening in the food world and will help you can and preserve in the summer, roast roots in the winter and maintain a healthy vegetarian diet if that floats your boat…they have got you covered!

Our Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving Consists of:

Cider Brined Turkey

The Northwest’s Best Stuffing with Chanterelles, Hazelnuts and Sage

Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Juniper

Vegetarian Wellington

Spicy Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes Without the Fat with All The Flavor

Carrots with Dill and Yogurt Sauce

Apple Cranberry Galette

Easy Pumpkin Pie

So, tune in Sunday, November 24th from 10am – Noon and enjoy or banter, laughter, and offerings of a truly Oregon Thanksgiving!

Slow Cooked Cranberry Turkey Breast

I will admit – I love Facebook.  I love to share my life and be a voyeur into others lives.  Whatever, I don’t care.  It is fun.  My friends and I “stalk” their new boyfriends….it is childish, good fun.

Lately people have been sharing a lot of “easy” recipes and I have been loving it!  Case in point:  Slow cooked Turkey Breast.  I have found about 15diferent versions of this on line and all of them are the same so nobody other than the “world” gets credit on this one.  I am assuming all turkey was slow roasted in the beginning so too bad…no creds given other than my friend Dayna on Facebook who posted it, cooked is and said her family liked it!

Lets get to the story.  Every year my sales team and I have a Thanksgiving lunch.  We each take a course and I do the main course.  I am short on time so I decided to cook it the way I recalled seeing it in facebook!  I had JUST made homemade cranberry sauce so it was perfect timing!  To make the story even sweeter – the store had a buy one get one free on turkey breasts so now I have one in my fridge all ready for Thanksgiving as well – BOOM!  I am a GENIUS!  We do a turkey nreast AND a turkey to satisfy our crew – so this whole new slow cooking process just saved me a lot of oven space…thank you very much!

Slow Cooked Cranberry Turkey Breast


1 4-6 pound turkey breast  – bone in, rinsed and defrosted

1 can or 2 cups fresh cranberry sauce ( I used fresh here)

1 small yellow onion diced, salt, pepper and minced garlic (one a packet of onion soup but I didn’t have that so I winged it with fresh ingredients)


Place turkey in slow cooker.  Mix the rest of the ingredients and pat all over the turkey breast.  Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours until appropriate temperature.  Slice and serve.

This is flavorful, easy and frees up your oven.  It is GORGEOUS!  Take some time back and ven space as well or use this to supplement the white meat on Thanksgiving!  You will not be disappointed!


Simple Kitchen Slow Cooked Chili Ravioli

Ahh…the insanity of my life.  Do I want it to stop?  No.  I feel like I have found my niche, and that niche is the life of a busy momma, happy wife and on-the-go career gal.  Can she do it?  Oh hell yes she can.  Watch me, and you know what?  TAKE NOTES.  #boom

I have a love affair with my crockpots.  Yes, plural, I have 3.  I am going to be putting these babies to work over the next few years as I embark on this journey through twin-mommyhood.  But I want to be creative, innovative, and try new combos.  This had EVERY reason to fail.  It was a dish I put together because I had a huge auction and I needed to feed the family while I was not there.  As I was racing around making sure people were in place and things were running as they should I hear a “ding” the tell-tale sound of a text from home.  The words:  “This needs to be a staple item”  The magical words I need to know the food is bloggable.  So, here we go dahlings!


  • 3 .5 cups soaked beans ( I like Pinto) or 2 cans
  • 4 cups diced tomatoes ( or 2 cans)
  • chili spices ( cumin, chili powder, pepper, garlic, onion, YOU NAME IT!  or use a packet if you like!)
  • 1 lb ground turkey or beef
  • 5 ounces sliced olives
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 25 ounces ravioli – if frozen place bag in freezer for 2 hours before adding


Brown turkey or beef with some of the spices.  I like a lot of spice, but this is a great item to make mild and add spices on the side!  Put all items excluding ravioli into pot on Medium.  Set for 6 hours.  At 5 hours add raviolis and mix to evenly distribute.  Cook for last hour.

Serve with chopped white onion, cheese, and diced fresh tomatoes.  I was thinking kids would like this with some fritos crunched over the top.  I ate it without anything and it was delicious and filling.  This meal is phenomenal energy food for work and does not require a lot of it – just 1.5 cups is plenty for lunch!  Enjoy!!