One Year a Mother

Friday, June 20th is the kids birthday!

Anyone who is a mother knows that the first year is a year “for the books”.  This is a historical year in your life but it is also a year that helps you understand this other creature that you never really understood before.  Mothers.  They become you, you become them.

Babes are 1

What have I learned?  Well, let me share….

1.  Having children is a strain on the strongest of marriages.

2.  Teething and hangovers do not mix well.

3.  Bottle type does matter.

4.  Boys and girls are very different even as infants.

5.  Cleanliness matters.  Period.  Wash your floors people.

6.  Sleep is gold.  Everything is better after some rest.

7.  The more you hug and kiss your children, the more they become loving individuals.

8.  If you smile at an infant as they wake up, they will more likely wake up happy.

9.  Never allow someone to yell or be shrill around your infant/baby.  There is no reason for this.

10.  Children understand a lot.  They know who loves them, mostly by how much time those people make to be with them.

I start my days excited to be off to work, but my lunch I am counting the hours to get home.  I love holding my children.  Their faces are my sun and moon.  Their voices are my new language, their success is my new goal.

Do I love motherhood?  Oh yes.  Yes yes yes.

Being a mother has allowed me to let go of a lot that I never needed to hold on to.  Good bye to the unnecessary or mean or harmful, you do not exist anymore.  Hello to motherhood, innocent eyes, the zoo, school, sports, candy-bars, ponytails and race cars.  By the time my children are in college, any of the things that could possibly be bothering me before their arrival will no longer exist.  So, yes, why not?  Why not lose myself in parenthood and marriage with my husband, and why not come out the other end retired, satisfied that I put them first, and unaware of any of the bad stuff?

It is a relief.  It is a sigh of relief, to look at them, and be there to usher them through the next 18 years of their lives.  How lucky am I? There is no measure.

On to the next year of adventure!