{PODCAST} Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki-Alter Ego Cider and BACON

Anne Hubatch and Nate Wall sit down with Missy to discuss the conception of Alter Ego Cider and how just six months later, the cider is available! Also they explain how similar cider is to beer and wine, and how they want to take more of a wine approach to making their delicious cider. Missy is obsessed with the magical food known as BACON! Plus, she teaches you how to properly cook bacon. 


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Simple Kitchen Hour 2 7/27



Day 11 of “28 Days of Juicy” with Missy Maki

Well – what a ride and I am not even half way there!  I have a lot to say about this journey, and I cannot believe I have been able to actually stick with it so far!  12 days and I have SOMEHOW been able to stick to it!

How do I feel?  Great!  Clearly I have energy!  This was after a stroller walk:
photo 3

Arron has been bringing me juice personally every 2 days to ensure the freshness.  I am enjoying all sort of delicious raw-ness!  Spinach, kale, apple, celery, carrot, ginger, you name it!  Here is my program:

Days 1-7, 1  16oz Bottle a day.
Days 8-12, 2  16oz Bottles a day.
3 Day Cleanse 13-15, 6  16oz Bottles a day.
Days 16-21, 2  16oz Bottles a day.
Days 22-28, 1 16oz Bottle a day.
So, starting Friday I will be doing a 3-day ALL juice cleanse.  I am finishing up the 2-per day juices which I have been subbing for breakfast and lunch but having some lean protein and fruit/veggies where needed for hunger.
As I head into the 3-day cleanse, I am planning on writing every evening about how I feel!  Here are some of my juices:
photo 2 photo 1
A few more questions that I have been asked:
1.  How much does this cost?  We will ask Arron this on the air in 2 weeks
2.  Are you tired?  Nope but I am sleeping REALLY well!  Waking up rested and don’t need more sleep.
3.  Do you crave anything?  Not yet but I think I might when I start the cleanse tomorrow.
4.  What about coffee?  I have been having my normal morning coffee but noticed that I stopped having my afternoon coffee 2 days ago – no withdrawals.
5.  Have you lost weight?  Yes.  I will reveal that later.  But yes, after 11 days I did lose weight.
I have a big beautiful Paleo style meal that I am making myself tonight before my 3-day fast.  I will Instagram it so you can see “the last supper”

PODCAST: Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki @nickyusa @tabla

Geoff Latham of Nicky USA talks to Missy about a very special dinner and Wild About Game coming up on September 7th. Adam Berger of Tabla is hanging with Missy to talk about himself! Not really, he’s talking about the fascinating art of pasta making and learning the art in Italy. Adam talks about the evolution of Tabla and starting a pasta class right here on the Simple Kitchen. 


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PODCAST – Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki ! @nickyusa @rebekahhubbard

Rebekah Hubbard of PDXFoodLove.com revisits her stunning win at last year’s holiday cookie cook off before diving into the deep end of the pool with fresh summer cooking. Rebekah also talks about making very tasty apricot jam. Rebekah talks about swapping her jam at Sharp and Missy really wants to go! Geoff Latham, the owner of Nicky USA is in the Simple Kitchen and is educating Missy about what it takes to bring wild game to some of your favorite restaurants and the dream of farm life. 

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Simple Kitchen

PODCAST: Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki talks Stumptown Coffee and Cooking with Jam!

Missy is teaching James all about slow cooking with jams. Missy takes you around Portland to find the coolest outdoor dining experience. Stumptown invited Missy for a cupping session, and it’s nothing like you might imagine it to be. The science of coffee is much more complex than you might think. The hood to River farm to table series is explained, and recommended. Also, Mcmenamins Edgefield Estate to table dinner is broken down as well.