Simple Kitchen 6-14-15

Arron Barnes of Absolutely Juicy is on with Missy and is talking about bad sugars and carbs, and how Juice is a gateway drug to health. You could eat that carrot, or juice it and get more of those vitamins.

Domonic Biggi of Beaverton Foods is on with Missy to talk mustard, horseradish and winning mustard competitions. Augusto Carneiro sits down with Missy to discuss Nossa Familia Coffee, building a brand and Latte Art. Latte Art winner Lauren Bellamy is quite humble with her success.

Simple Kitchen 6-7-15

Foodcarts are getting more and more popular in Portland. Portland is very nearly self-sustaining, but Missy knew that already. Missy wants James to try new vegetables. Roseanna Romaine of NW Farmers Fighting Hunger and Myrna Jensen of Oregon Food Bank are in with Missy to talk about helping fight hunger.

Steven Shomler returns to the Simple Kitchen and he’s brought friends! Tomas Sluitter of Culmination Brewing tells us all about becoming a brewer in Portland, and his five vessel system. Steven and Tomas discuss beer and delicious Ribs.

Northwest Farmers Fighting Hunger

Oregon Food Bank

This link goes right to our nutrition education page with info on Cooking Matters

Black bean brownies

Turkey chili w/vegetables

Musings on year 2, and poop, of course.

My children are almost 2.

I was thinking, as I filled my Instagram and Facebook with lovely moments my kids have, how it all can seem so fake or at least edited.  With the Caitlyn Jenner interviews ratcheting my heart out, it is heard to not feel like there is some responsibility that needs to be taken in truthful representations of life.


Earlier today, my son removed his diaper in the middle of the dining room and pooped on the hardwood floor.  I started laughing, he started laughing, my daughter came around the corner and started laughing and I was chasing him and he was yelling  “poo poo!  Poooooo poooooooo!” and my husband was yelling “don’t let him touch it!!” …..and as I was trying to catch him, my coffee spilled, the cat entered the scene and meowed loudly and I thought:  This is life.  It is simply not photograph-able. or “post-able.”

Maybe the truth is not as fun as the beautiful photos of elegant babies perfectly centered and laying in cribs romantically equipped with nothing but a beautiful hand stamped chevron print sheet and swaddled in a serene whisp of 100% pure white cotton peering at the camera with innocent doe-like eyes  as if to say “hello!  I will be the future of the Non GMO movement and I will found a colony of grass fed cattle whose meat will cure the common cold.”

Well, my kids sleep in 2 cribs shoved together to create a SUPERCRIB because they cannot stay apart from one another.  They hit each other with flashlights until they go to sleep in said crib surrounded by about 9  “required nigh-nigh-bankies”.  It looks like toddler blanket soup.  There are also 5-6 books that are in different states of disrepair that they smuggle in.  It is not pretty but we love it.  Cozy, happy, INSANE twins.  What else matters.


So, really, what else REALLY DOES MATTER?  Poop IS funny.  Cribs are warzones and I guarantee that there is a special place in hell for people like me who feed their kids the amount of cheese-puffs that mine eat.  I will have to atone for peanut butter spoons and rice for dinner, and to be frank, my kids, at 23 months are basically walking road rashes.  They play.  All the time.  All year round…..OUTSIDE.  My kids are crazy but they are strong and their lungs are filled with fresh air.  They wake up rested and loud.  They go to bed tired and pissed off.

We are just a regular family.

I hope you can take it, because these kids are JJ and Montana and they are brutes.  Future athletes and leaders.  They will have excellent senses of humor and learn to NOT take themselves so damn seriously.

Bring it on 2.  I think there are a lot more poop shenanigans in the next year!