Simple Kitchen 7-26-15

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James was missed at the PDX Food Cart Festival. James is back from South Dakota, and Missy is getting loads of scary gifts. Michael Stanton and Mark Bitterman sit down with Missy to talk all about the amazing things you can accomplish… with salt.

Michael Stanton and Mark Bitterman explain how to incinerate salt in bamboo. The guys break down the menu for their upcoming Salt Dinner. Missy has so much coming up and she wants you to be a part of it.

My Ultimate Come-Uppance

“Get your ass in here, we are going to have a come to Jesus RIGHT NOW” The sound of my childhood. I heard that a lot, I wish the lessons had stuck a little better.

Now, I don’t know about you, but having children has been the ultimate source of ego deflation. Don’t get me wrong, I have a healthy amount of self-esteem, however there is some behavior that should have been fixed long ago, and when these two angels danced out of my uterus, the shit hit the fan.

I think of “douchy parent” behavior. This is where BEFORE you have kids, you look at those kids running around the restaurant/store/ANYWHERE, getting into people’s purses, screaming bloody murder, taking all their clothes off and screaming “POO POO” at the top of their lungs, you look at your partner and with disdain say “our kids will never do that”. Well, yes they will you smug fuckers, yes they will.


This is just the simple stuff. Let’s talk about the big stuff.

I learned that I am not that big of a deal. That is it. Nothing more, but I am just another person on this planet trying to make a living, raise decent humans, and laugh with my husband. That is pretty much it.  That one helps me in many aspects of my life, this newfound knowledge.  I simply do not matter that much.

I am a terrible friend. I just am. Or, perhaps, was. Here is my view at this point in the game of life: “I get that I put myself first for decades. If you want to be my friend at this point, I should probably write you a check for a thousand dollars because you deserve it.” I am not being mean to myself, this is just how it is. I was on a fast track career path, I powered through friends and romantic relationships, I sought out the highs, and ignored the lows. My understanding now is this: The lows are what bring us together. Growing through the lows is what makes the highs so high, and having someone who you have done it with is the foundation of friendship. I have that in my current marriage, but it was hard learned. Life is a series of peaks and valleys. So, my friends, teach your kids to embrace their loved ones in the valleys because the peaks are much better with someone with you at the top.

I no longer judge peoples marriages|relationships. Ever. Bless you for going into the union, and bless you to the end. People do things to each other that are unfathomable but love is something that can be a fire that dwindles for a while, then needs more kindling or logs and reignites into a beautiful flame. Then, for some, it just gets doused out totally. This does not affect me at your house, only at mine. Be happy. Love in the fashion you love and communicate how you need to be loved back. I hope you find that balance and mirrored back to you in someone, and that it lasts forever.

I see things out of different eyes. Eyes of how I wish my kids to see me. I don’t want to gossip. I really don’t and I don’t want to raise gossips. I want my children to make friends that will be with them through thick and thin. I want them to fall in love for the sake of love. That heart exploding, devil may care, I will do anything for that person love, and I need to show how to keep that love alive through my actions towards my husband. I want my children to know they are loved but this world does not revolve around them and that they are specifically tasked with leaving it a better place then they found it. They are a speck of sand on the beach. However, in the same breathe, they will know that Abraham Lincoln was a speck of sand. Martin Luther King was a speck of sand. Eleanor Roosevelt and Maya Angelou were specks of sand. Much like the simple flap of a butterfly wing can start a tsunami, so can they make a change in this world.

So I have learned, in these 2 years how irrelevant I am, and how large my task of simply becoming a better person is. I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

Simple Kitchen 7-12-15

Missy couldn’t find the Coyote outside the studio. Big things happening around Portland. Matt of Pine Shed Ribs steps into the Simple Kitchen, and James gets a blow to his masculinity. Matt has so much to talk about.


Matt talks smoking versus open pit barbecue. Gwen Dickson of The Original Shrub sits down with Missy to tempt her with tantalizing vinegar cocktails.

Clyde CommonPDX Not so common, and cram packed with memories.

You know what is eerie?  When your misspent youth is staring you in the face while you nibble delicious bites.  Allow me to elaborate.  Trust me, this is worth a read…..



*taken from website*

Opened in May 2007 by Nate Tilden and Matt Piacentini, Clyde Common is a European style tavern serving delicious food and drinks in a casual and energizing space. Chef Carlo Lamagna @twistedfilipino along with Sous Chefs Aaron Kerschen and Louis Martinez run our kitchen. Danielle Pruett is our pastry chef.

(503) 228-3333
1014 SW Stark St, Portland, Oregon

Brunch Served Sat-Sun 10am-3pm
Lunch Mon-Fri 11:30am – 3pm
Happy Hour Daily 3pm – 6pm
Dinner Mon-Sat 6-12pm; Sun 6-11pm


Now I don’t want to brag.  No seriously, I do not want to brag, but I was a club kid in the 90s.  I know you all think I am only 27 but the truth of the matter is that I spend 4 out of 7 nights on Stark Street and in the bowels of “old town” dancing my ass off and drinking enough booze to pickle Gary Busey between 1991 and 95.  Times have changed.  I am a grown ass woman with a husband, kids and a job.  However, despite my looks not changing, the city has.

As I took my seat on a beautiful mezzanine overlooking the industrial looking space (so cool, I mean, I felt COOL just being there…I mean, I AM cool, but I felt cooler…oh whatever….) I recognized at least 3 corners that I twisted  various wrists and ankles falling off of, waiting to get into Panorama or walking up to Brigg|Boxes for 2 for one drinks.  (can they do that legally anymore?)

So, I sipped a lavender lemonade and stared out the window remembering some of my better dance moves and shots of goldschlager whilst awaiting a parade of amazingly well thought out bites to commence.  Ahhh memories!  I recall late night nachos at CC Slaughters…..but this is a NEW kind of Stark Street.  No more dirty popcorn bowls at The Eagle for me!  Wake up and smell the Charcuterie!  Beautiful warmed cashews, delightfully seasoned and marinated olives……I die.  I selected a Pesto Tagliatelle with a big fat raw egg in the middle, my neighbors had a Trout Sando and Burger.  All 100% gorgeous!  This is Portland dining right in the heart of Portland.  All cleaned up!  Check out my experience via photos:


IMG_7175So, if you see a white leather platfrom with wooden heel, moderately banged up,  it is mine.  Meanwhile,  go get this trout sandwich.  And the olives.

All the cool kids are doing it……you can trust me.  I AM Missy Maki for gawds Sake………… where is my OMD CD?

Simple Kitchen 7-5-15

Catch up with Missy. If it ain’t got avocado in it, it’s not guacamole! Kat LeSueur of Cocotte sits down with missy to discuss the westward movement, the meaning of Cocotte and how the menu has changed in four years.  Everyone should celebrate Bastille Day at Cocotte.  Berry Farmer Julie Schdeen jumps into the Simple kitchen and it’s all about berries.

More with Julie Schdeen and her fantastic berries. Missy is obsessed with ramen.  James can’t pronounce anything.