Simple Kitchen 10-25-15

It’s not quite Halloween but that isn’t stopping Missy and James from celebrating. Jason and Yvonne king of King Creamery want you to subscribe for their ice cream. Missy gets to try some delightful seasonal flavors. Damian Magista of Bee Local Honey and Jasin Hope of Dogwood Distillers have created something amazing, and they’ve brought it to the Simple Kitchen.

Peter of Tony’s Chocoloney sits down with Missy to discuss slave free chocolate. Missy is obsessed with Cocoa beans.

Simple Kitchen 10-18-15

Jacob Grier takes us on a strange journey from his humble beginnings in Texas to working a think tank in Washington DC to falling in love with cocktails in San Francisco. Missy and James try a brand new cocktail. Jacob talks about writing his book

Ryan and Eric are back and they’ve brought booze. Missy catches up with the guys from Aria Gin to find out when their store is opening. Cocktail week is kicking off right here in The Simple Kitchen

What I Know For Sure.


My life has been in a constant whirl since I was young.  I am constantly searching for the words to describe how I am feeling, to have people understand me.  As a youth I acted one way and felt another.  I look back and think of the years and opportunities and friendships that I squandered because my focus was put in the wrong area.  I was trying to be something I am not.  Trying to be loud, when I prefer the quiet.  Trying to be the center of attention, when I truly like to listen to people talk.  I love to her you talk.  If you know me, I want you to know…..I like listening to you.  Come over, sit on my sofa and talk.  That is all I need from you as a friend.  Tell me your story.

I have been overwhelmed with realizations of my own truths.  My.  Own.  Truths.  The beautiful imperfection of who I am.  Each realization comes with such joy because I see how I can show my children that these qualities are okay.  The world is working in harmony to show me the Truth of Me.

I don’t know much, but here is what I know for sure:

1.  The body I have now is beautiful.  I am perfect right now at this moment, for me.  My husband loves and needs my softness, my children need my warmth and strength.  This body is a work of art and I love it.  It is not made for a magazine, it was made to be seen by my love, and to carry my children, and to wear the clothes that make me feel good, not what the magazine says I should wear.

2.  My children are my swan song.  There will be no greater accomplishment than my shepherding of their characters.  My greatest gift to this world will be people who genuinely appreciate the life they have, and the world that surrounds them.

3.  You must give.  You must give.  Even if all you have is time, you must give.  There is a time you will need to take, and the world works in balance.  Night and Day.  Fire and Water.  Give and Take.  Balance your life accordingly, but always, always, tip your scale toward more on the giving side.  You jut never know.

4.  Admitting I am wrong was my single biggest growth.  Knowing how to know I am wrong, be comfortable openly saying that I am wrong, laughing at myself, and moving on has made me infinitely more lovable.

5.  People are jealous.  Some more than others.  Surround yourself with people who see you for you.

6.  Aging gracefully is hard.  As a woman we see our looks start to fade, and it is hard to absorb.  I have committed to myself to aging gracefully, but it requires a lot of self love.  I am struggling.

7.  My home is important to me.  Building a place of safety that does not change is important.  My kids, at 2, say “my house” when we drive up to the house and point to photos on the wall and say “family”.  Creating a sprawling, big, comfortable home that is warm and has photos of everyone and is bursting with memories……  That matters.  Home matters.  You are safe there, you can cry there, you can laugh there, you can drink too much wine there.  You.  Are.  Safe.

So, come on over, to my home.  It is comfortable, warm, inviting.  Sit on my sofa, have some wine, and tell me your story.  I like to listen to you.  That is what I know for sure.




Cooking with Kids? Try CHOPCHOP magazine for Free!

Well, I am sure you know I have kids.  I love cooking and my kids are officially participating.  Now, I am at the realization that they are starting to observe and absorb what “healthy eating” is and what feeding your body appropriately actually means.

I have a few items that matter to me:

1.  I do not want my kids being afraid of food or scared of calories.

2.  I want my kids to be confident in the kitchen, and in a garden.

3.  I want grocery shopping to be rewarding and exciting.

4.  Taste does matter, and I want to teach my kids how to enjoy all the flavors they love on a consistent basis, through whole foods.

When the folks at Chop Chop reached out I realized that this was just for me.  A magazine to educate both my husband and I on how to get healthy foods in the kids mouths (what to cook!  recipes!)  They asked me to look at the magazine, give it some thought, and then give a subscription  away.  This is a pretty normal request for me but I do not take them on very often.  However, I got the first magazine and I will tell you that I am now subscribed!  There is also a club for your kids to take part in!  They take on cooking challenges and can win prizes!!!  Membership for the club is FREE!  The magazine is set up to be interesting to both the kids and adults.


What Is ChopChop?
• ChopChop Magazine is the fun cooking magazine for families.
• Our mission: To inspire and teach kids to cook and eat real food with their families. We believe that
cooking and eating together as a family is a vital step in resolving the obesity and hunger epidemics.
• The quarterly magazine is available in both English and Spanish and offers nutritious, great-tasting,
ethnically diverse and inexpensive recipes, as well as interesting and little-known food facts, Q&A’s and
• ChopChop is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, named publication of the year by the
James Beard Foundation, two-time winner of the Parent’s Choice Award.
• ChopChopKids, the publisher of ChopChop Magazine, was founded in 2010 by James Beard-nominated
cookbook author Sally Sampson.
• ChopChop’s vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity and hunger.
• Readers learn essential cooking skills in each recipe.
The ChopChop Food Philosophy
• We believe in the simple values of cooking together as family and sharing healthy, delicious meals.
• We don’t do calorie counts or post nutrition content, but everything in our publication is reviewed and
approved by our medical and nutrition advisors.
• We don’t demonize any individual foods.

What is the ChopChop Cooking Club?
The ChopChop Cooking Club is ChopChop’s national healthy cooking campaign: We’re inviting every family to
join the ChopChop Cooking Club and pledge to cook dinner together once a month, for 6 months (6 recipes total).
Each month, we choose one good, basic recipe that we think is essential for kids and families to learn.
The ChopChop Cooking Club is getting kids cooking with over 3000 “club members” to date, eager to learn how to
master essential recipes and cooking skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Members learn essential cooking skills in each recipe, such as grating, measuring, boiling, simmering, blending,
and chopping.
Who can join?
A beginner cook! Kids ages 5-12 and their parents. (As well as any adults newly learning to cook.)
How does it work?
The ChopChop Cooking club is hosted at where members can sign up to join for free. Once registered, members will receive their first recipe challenge. Each recipe will include step-by-step
instructions, basic cooking skills, fun food facts, family discussion prompts, and shopping tips for key ingredients.
We’ll also include information about how to turn the recipe into a balanced meal, with the help of MyPlate.
Members log in to their profile page where they can post a picture of their completed dish and earn virtual badges
for completing the challenge. Badges will celebrate different cooking skills learned in each recipe, such as
whisking, simmering, mixing, measuring, and grating.
New challenges will be issued at the start of each month. If members master the original recipe and want an
additional challenge, there will be variations and more difficult recipes to test their kitchen skills.
Cooking Club members will be entered to win prizes after completing all six challenges. They will also receive a
certificate of completion.


One lucky person will get not only a subscription to the ma gazine, but I will also send them a $25 Cabot Cheese Gift Box!  ( I am on the Cheese Board – trust me you want this)

Here is
what you do to get in the drawing!

  • “Like” my FB Page here:
  • Follow me on Instagram:  @missymaki
  • Follow me on Twitter @missymaki
  • When you have done this send me a tweet that says                              ” I want @chopchopmag “


Simple Kitchen 10-4-15

Missy had a bit of an accident this week. Chris and Becky of Oregon Fruit Products are her to celebrate their 80th anniversary in The Simple Kitchen. Missy and James are introduced to a wide variety of heavenly thing that Oregon Fruit Company makes.


Just one week away from Wild About Game, and Geoff Latham of NickyUSA is on the phone with Missy to talk about the 15 year celebration of game. Missy is obsessed with Coffee. Who isn’t? #nothingnewhere.