Simple Kitchen 11-29-15

Missy had a fantastic Thanksgiving feast. Micheal Madigan is talking all about Bowery Bagels and his brand new bakery. Dr. Laura Catena of Argentine Malbecs is on to talk wines, Mole, and sharing wines with family. Missy and James discover the origin of mole because they’re obsessed.

Adam and Jackie Sappington of Country Cat is in The Simple Kitchen and they’ve brought a new cookbook. Eli Cairo of Olympia Provisions shows up in the Simple Kitchen and he’s got a cookbook too!

Simple Kitchen 11-22-15

It is the 4th Annual Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving show! That means all our friends come over and bring their tasty recipes to the table. This year we start with Brandie of who brought a delicious cranberry dish. Carrie of nails it with an amazing turkey marinade and stuffing. Bee of has a kicking cheese dip for you to try.

Rebekah of brings her “A” game with pie. Lindsay of brings a salad that will have you rethinking brussel sprouts. To wrap it all up, Nancy of Kindred-Kitchen hits us with a shepard’s pie that will blow your mind!

Fourth Annual Ultimate Oregon Thanksgiving| The Simple Kitchen

Awww yeah baby!  Thanksgiving in The Simple Kitchen!

Back and better than ever!  All of your favorite bloggers will collide in one silly little radio studio ( mine) and will “talk shop” about the best holiday there is!  THANKSGIVING! You get caught up with Brandie , Bee,  Carrie , Lindsay , Nancy , Fabi and Rebekah!  They will share their favorite recipes for their 2015 Thanksgiving Table!

Here are the links to the recipes you will earn about on the air Sunday, November 22nd, 2015!!  10am – Noon (KPAM AM 860)

Herb Marinated Turkey with Toasted Bread Salad  img_0416

Spiced Tea Cranberry SauceIMG_6474

Vegan Shepherds PieVegan-Shepherds-Pie-Kindred-kitchen_3_edited_2

Warm Shredded Brussels Sprout Caesar with Bacon 


Whole Wheat Cornmeal Cake with Honey Labneh

 Baked Cheese Dip with Chipotle ChilesChipotle-Goat-Cheese-Dip-Title

Bourbon-Jalapeno Cranberry SauceBourbon-Jalapeno-Cranberry-Sauce-Title
Pie Problems Solved and Pumpkin Pie!why-burn

So, tune in as your top Oregon Bloggers sip some cold brew and gossip about all of the finest ways to entertain this Thanksgiving!



Ravioli Casserole for Melissa



There are a million poignant things I could say to my friend Melissa, but really I just want to give her a recipe and let her know I love her and that she is an amazing mother, wife and friend.  It would not be complete without a poem by Maya….  Recipe at bottom.

“Weekend Glory” by Maya Angelou

Some clichty folks 
don’t know the facts, 
posin’ and preenin’ 
and puttin’ on acts, 
stretchin’ their backs. 

They move into condos 
up over the ranks, 
pawn their souls 
to the local banks. 
Buying big cars 
they can’t afford, 
ridin’ around town 
actin’ bored. 

If they want to learn how to live life right 
they ought to study me on Saturday night. 

My job at the plant 
ain’t the biggest bet, 
but I pay my bills 
and stay out of debt. 
I get my hair done 
for my own self’s sake, 
so I don’t have to pick 
and I don’t have to rake. 

Take the church money out 
and head cross town 
to my friend girl’s house 
where we plan our round. 
We meet our men and go to a joint 
where the music is blue 
and to the point. 

Folks write about me. 
They just can’t see 
how I work all week
at the factory. 
Then get spruced up 
and laugh and dance 
And turn away from worry 
with sassy glance. 

They accuse me of livin’ 
from day to day, 
but who are they kiddin’? 
So are they. 

My life ain’t heaven 
but it sure ain’t hell. 
I’m not on top 
but I call it swell 
if I’m able to work 
and get paid right 
and have the luck to be Black 
on a Saturday night. 

Love you Melissa!!!

Ravioli Pasta for Melissa


  • 1 bag of cheese ravioli ( frozen)
  • 1 jar light Alfredo sauce
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes with basil and oregano
  • 1 cup cheese - any melty yummy kind


  1. Heat oven to 350.
  2. Spray a lasagna/casserole dish with cooking spray
  3. Boil ravioli until cooked and drain.
  4. Pour Alfredo sauce and tomatoes into large sauce pan and cook until bubbling.
  5. Add raviolis, then 2/3 of cheese.
  6. Pour into the casserole dish.
  7. Sprinkle top with rest of cheese..
  8. Bake until cheese bubbles - maybe 15 minutes.
  9. Eat like a BOSS.

Simple Kitchen 11-1-15

Missy had a nightmare. Steven Shomler is back and he’s brought some amazing food carts from the Happy Valley Station in studio. Starting with Chris from A Cajun Life. Deb and David of Kickin’ Chicken Wings serve up some amazing jumbo wings. Stan from Gulf Bites introduces Missy to his signature key lime pie.

More from the Happy Valley Station with Galvencio of Mixteca who’s got tamales for Missy and James. Alex of Wasabi Sushi PDX wants you to know that blowfish will blow you away and happy people eat sushi. Todd of Ole Latte comes in just in time to recaffeinate the Simple Kitchen.