Simple Kitchen 1-24-16

Cathy Whims  is kind of a big deal, and she’s here with Missy to talk about being a chef and restaurant owner as well as a Diplomatic Chef at the White House and something amazing called Maialata! Erik Wolf is back because it’s nearly time for Food Worx. You’re going to be surprised, stunned, and learn a lot about the future of the food industry.

More with Erik and what’s happening at at this year’s Food Worx. Kurt Huffman of ChefStable and Zach Hull of Boulavard have developed the perfect app for people who love eating out.

The Simple Kitchen 1-17-16

Missy has taught James the moves. Chef Gerard Viverito calls from New York, but don’t be fooled, the man has Portland roots, and he knows how to make your grocery shopping healthier. Missy is obsessed with The Whole 30.

Missy and James have a load of tips to eating healthier a lot of them makes sense, some of them seem a little out there. 10 foods you should be eating daily and why.

Simple Kitchen 1-10-16

Missy and James are back for the first show of 2016. Missy has been all over the place and has got to tell you all about it. Tony Tellin of Smith’s Teas is in the Simple Kitchen to talk all about the beauty of tea, building a brand and creating a tea experience.





Gregory Gourdet of Departure is back in The Simple Kitchen because it’s nearly time for Chef’s Week! Gregory breaks down all the events for this year’s Chef’s Week so you know what events to get tickets for. Missy is obsessed with Resolutions… how many did she break already?