Simple Kitchen 2-28-16

Aaron Adams of Farm Spirit sits down with missy to talk about vegan living and opening a vegan restaurant as well as his policy of “No tipping” and the future of restaurants.

Scott Dolich of Park Kitchen and Bent Brick talks about coming up in the restaurant industry before giving Missy and James a real education on how the food world will be affected by the raise in minimum wage and how it affects everyone.

Simple Kitchen 2-21-16

It’s one of the best shows of the year as Missy and James talk to a mess of distillers and cocktail artisans in preparation of TOAST! Seth O’Malley of Thomas and Sons sits down to discuss distilling from tea. Andrea Loreto of Elixer charms Missy with his accent and his delicious cocktails. Jody from Clear Creak Distillery has brought magic in a bottle.

It’s about to get real as Ryan Tsanky of Aria Gin steps in to the Simple Kitchen to mix up a mess of cocktails. Ted Pappas gives us loads more information you need if you’re planning on going to toast.

Ready to give em a show….

The beauty of being my age is that I have experience.  I know the clouds pass, spring arrives and hope blossoms.

I am enjoying the peace that comes with experience.  I am once again, after the last 3 years of pregnancy and early childhood, enjoying the rebuilding of my body, my faith, my interests.  I know that anything worth having takes time.  Like a romance turning into love and eventually marriage and a family, the rebuilding of your body or your business is slow.  It is good to go slow.  It is wise to go slow.

It is fun to be at the top of the mountain and in many ways I have that view, from the top, most days.  But to be truthful, the thrill is in the climb.  An idea that turns into a brainstorm, and then the productivity that follows, finalized with an outcome.  That gut wrenching moment “Will they like me?  Will they like my product?  Is it worth the heart poured into it?”

Stepping onto a stage, in a new dress, high heels, and a Missy Maki Smile.  THAT is how I like to think of my days.  Ready to perform!  Ready to give em a show!

Now hand me the damned mic, screw the script, it is time to make history!


Simple Kitchen 2-14-16 HR 1

Love Stinks! That’s today’s theme. Kim Haines  of Portland Style Cheesecake and Dessert Company has brought so much sweetness to the show in the form of delicious cheesecake. It’s time for a history lesson with Missy and James.

More history of our favorite romantic holiday. Love Stinks day! From keeping bees to blazing tommy guns, Valentine’s Day really has a lot going for it. Missy and James are obsessed with Sweethearts candy.

The long, slow, hard way

I am of the thought train that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  Your fitness and health should be found through whole foods and good ole fashioned sweat.  You make the time, when it fits in.  I fell prey to this for about 2 weeks.  I felt sick, I was taking pills for “gut health” and appetite suppressant drinks.  Guess what happens when you stop taking that stuff?  What if you are addicted to it?  What have you learned?  What are you teaching your kids?  That short cuts are the way to go.  No thanks, not for me.

I decided in December that it was time, my kids were 2 and a half and I could start taking the time to gain my strength back.  The food was no problem – I care about quality food so eating whole foods is a consistent program for us.

I have bad days.  I have good days.  I love my body, I love my children’s future and I want to make it clear that you have to make a lot of lay-ups to be a consistent shooter.  No magical pill will make you physically fit or thin.  Gaining vitamins and nutrients through food is where it should start.

It is taking forever, to get the extra weight off, but I am SLOWLY becoming stronger, and the time I spend inside my mind while pushing my limits is priceless.  My strength is my families strength.

No Shortcuts.  Let it be a journey with only health as a destination.



Simple Kitchen PODCAST 2-07-16

It’s time for the BIG game, and Missy came prepared this morning with snacks. Greg Drobot of Face Rock Creamery joins Missy in the Simple Kitchen to talk about the amazing world of cheese and his journey from real Estate to cheese. Are you ready for your Super Bowl party? Missy’s here to help you out. (here we are enjoying SuperBowl Treats!)


Super Bowl food! You know, cause it’s Super Bowl Sunday! Pierre of Allison Inn is on to talk about Cuvee Weekend and all the amazing wine and food you can try during the Fifth Annual Oregon Chardonnay Celebration.

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