Simple Kitchen 3-6-16

Kaie Wellman, Kevin DeGarmo and Bruce Silverman of Providore Market are in the Simple Kitchen and talking about the evolution of Pastaworks into City Market into Providore. Also, parties, car wrecks and flaming cabbages. Lyf Gildersleeve of Flying Fish and Oyster Bar and Meat Monger at Providore Market. He’s brought some delightful treats for Missy to try while talking about growing up in a fishing family and turning it into an amazing business.

More with Lyf Gildersleeve and Providore Market. Josh Alsburg of Rubinette Produce Market and Providore and explains to Missy what it means to be a fruit guru. Mike Halesea of Little T Bakery and Providore Market is in with Missy and is talking about his love of gluten and making amazing baked goods.

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