124 years of Jake’s Famous Crawfish on Simple kitchen 4-24-16‏

Today Missy is talking about a Portland legend, Jake’s Famous Crawfish. Chef Billy and GM Brian of Jake’s have loads of stories about the history of Jake’s. Bullets, underground beer deliveries and innumerable celebrities. Missy eats a crawfish while learning about how Jake’s selects their crawfish.
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Missy is obsessed with Yogurt, and our new correspondent Bruno Rose chimes in on the differences between Greek and normal yogurt. There are loads of great things happening and Missy has all the info you need.

Simple Kitchen 4-17-16

Burgerville is so awesome. Kara pisticitello and Joy Ruby of Acme farms and kitchen are talking to Missy about Locavore box delivery. The ladies talk about eating clean, vetting the farms they source from and pour amazing bloody marys.

It’s time to celebrate beer purity. Thanks Dan, Graham and Ted of Prost and Stammtisch, Missy gets lo learn what 500 years of beer purity means, and how to celebrate properly

…and now I am 45, and it hurts.

I have friends who are actually a decade plus younger than me.  I often forget that we are not the same age, our lives are intertwined in one way or another and I forget that we are not the same age.  But we are, and it is much more apparent to me now.  This age, is sinking in.  I just never saw myself at this age.


My skin, it is losing its younger, tighter feel and I have little lines around my eyes.  There are smile lines along my cheeks, framing my lips, as if a “parentheses”.  My hair has a softer, curlier texture, and my patience is easier to find.  I laugh easily at myself these days.  When I mess up, I don’t mind admitting that I am wrong.   These are all good, strange things.  My body and my mind are changing.  I have gray hair.  I do, and it sucks.

I see the fleetingness of time.  It really hurts.  My children are not babies, they are not toddlers.  They are kids who talk and have opinions.  They put their pants on and use the bathroom and have specific views on noodle shape.  I cannot take it.  It is too fast, and two at one time?  There is no slow in and out of phases.  BOOM!  They both walk.  BOOM They both talk!  BOOM They are potty trained!  It is too fast.

Everything takes time.  Love, maturity, parenthood, careers.  It kills me to see people trying to grow up too fast or think that they should be further along, promoted, or want to take on more and more.  But, perhaps I am just jealous that they are gobbling life up?  The way I did?  It makes me reflect on my life so far:

In my teens I was WILD

In my 20s I was UNINHIBITED

In my 30s I GREW UP


What is next?  What will happen in the second half of my 40s?  Then my 50s?  Will I age gracefully? HOW DOES ONE AGE GRACEFULLY?  Will I breakdown and get Botox in my face?  Is THAT what I want my kids to see?  Me not being okay with my appearance? Does that even matter?

Who the hell knows.  I don’t.

Meanwhile, I am going to go ahead and get a massage, kiss my husband and make my family a nice dinner because it is my birthday, an that is what makes me happy right now.  Today, at 45.

Maybe I will skip the Botox this year.  Maybe.



Simple Kitchen 4-10-16

Celebrating Missy’s Birthday in the absolute best way possible. Kate Hill is on the phone to talk about French Grrrls and a few other amazing sounding classes that bring a taste of France to Portland. Bonnie and Israel of Kachka are in The Simple Kitchen and they’ve brought a fabulous new vodka that you have to try, and they’re talking bloody marys.

The Audio Bar is back with Ryan of Aria Gin, and a few of his awesome friends from Distilling Row in Portland.

Simple Kitchen 4-3-16

Missy is BACK! Ever wonder how Mexican food made its way to Portland? Tim Hohl and Dave Fleming of Coin Toss Brewery are in The Simple Kitchen and talking about the long slow journey from home brewing to opening in Oregon City, and brewing historical recipes.

Melissa and David Root of The Hairy Lobster are on with Missy and discussing their mission to nourish Portland diners with small plates. Missy is obsessed with chocolate Easter bunnies. There seems to be a growing problem with chickens and something called “woody breast”