Simple Kitchen 5-29-16

Missy’s getting the summer kicked off right!. Greg Papworth of Mackinfoods and the father of the Pappy Dog is in the studio, and things are getting pretty awesome. Missy and James are introduced to the ultimate in hot dogs.

More summer fun with Josh Grgas of The Commons Brewery who brings in some delicious farmhouse ales for The Simple Kitchen to try.

The Simple Kitchen 5-22-16

Missy will be playing Tina Turner at THUNDERDOME! Carrie Welch is one of the Co-Founders of FEAST and is on to talk about the fifth year anniversary and all the things to look forward to at this year’s food festival. Jess Zutz of Red Duck Ketchup stops by, and what she brings in is simply amazing.

More with Jess and the delicious sauces coming from Red Duck Foods! Jill Reed with Mead Market is in with Missy and James and is educating them on the wonders of mead.

Simple Kitchen 5-15-16

Joy Church and Victoria of The Portland Kitchen are in to talk about what a great and beneficial program for young people it is. James has a pretty unentertaining story about going to Cartlandia. Missy has some great hacks for the kitchen.

Holly, Louis of Altabira and Topher of Deschutes Brewery are in the Simple Kitchen to talk about the Blended Burger Project.

…let’s do lunch in 2020?

The sad part of my reality is that I have no time for friends.  I really don’t and it sounds terrible, but it feels even worse.  I am trying desperately to send chipper messages via text, let people know I care, that I am alive, I value our past, and that I care.  I am not an evil person who dropped out of the world and who is sitting in her corner of the world judging people.  I am just a person with a husband, 2 careers, and 3 year old twins.  I don’t have time for ME, how can I have time for my sweet friends?


Well, it is what it is.  It is a change, a shift, a new reality and we cannot be everything to each other as friends or family, and it is okay.  It has to be OK.

I think of my life and how fast paced it is and the fact that I have no extra time, if I am doing it right, meaning spending every second I can find with my children and husband, then I do not have any times.

I have to admit that I see a lot of people with kids as well out and about, traveling, partying, doing all sorts of things that it took us years to even do once, so I know that we are all different.  I get that we all have different ways that spend the limited time that we all have.  I would never judge the new mom who travels for work all the time, or people who have kids in daycare 10 hours 5 days a week.  Everyone has their own story and their own way of putting their family together and making it work.

So, I say this to all of you who may be reading this:  I love you, and I hope you are there on the other side because I have to stop feeling guilty for being as socially active.  I have to forgive myself.

I have 2 childhoods to fill with memories, morals, lessons, and madcap antics.  Sledding, Popsicle’s, water balloon fights, volcanoes to climb, bikes to ride, waterfalls to find and movies in bed.  I only have one chance to do this and make it count.  You can bet I am going to put my time into it.  So…..

 Maybe lunch in 2020?  My treat!!!

Hot messes and stupid math.

On a good day I am a hot mess, case in point:


Everyone says, in every situation, diet, exercise, relationships, work “If you do 80% the right way the other 20% will not matter”

This is a bit different than The Pareto principle  that  states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  So…I am confused.  REALLY? 80% of my outcome comes from 20% of my efforts?

I think this is a way to not make us stress about being perfect.  That it is okay to get an 80% (it is, by the way).  But JFC….I feel like to make any impact on anything I have to be 100%.  Examples to follow.

Diet.  I can eat 80% perfectly, but if I phone in that 20% or have a beer, eat cake,  all bets are off.  I feel like hell, pants are tight, cant take a numero dos….all the bad stuff.  So, no 80/20 there.  Can you imagine the Pareto bullshit here?  If I put 20% of effort into healthy eating, I will be 80% to where I need to be?  Umm…no.

Career – if I gave 20% on a daily basis I would lose my job.  I have to bring 150% every day and if someday I drop it to a low 120% then that is okay, but just that once.  Okay, I might not lose my job but I would not feel like I deserved the job.  Which is even worse.  How about working with people who bring only their 60% game everyday?  WORST.  THING.  EVER.  I have ended friendships over low performance.  Makes me insane.  100% plus only.

Friendships?  If you don’t respond, or throw parties, or send a weekly or daily text affirming a certain group of people, they drop off the radar (thank God – not complaining here) so I guess that one is simply an epiphany while I write…………………………….  So…strike that one, and sorry to those folks but if you cannot love me or be patient with my lack of time when I am underwater with multiple careers, husband, and 2 year old twins, too-da-fucking-loo.  So, basically, friendships need to be 50/50, with lots of room to breathe and extended timeouts are rewarded with a hug, not an arched eyebrow.

Exercise.  This is the one that the 80/20 works.  If you decide to “yes, I will work out” 8 out of 10 days – YOU WIN.  your body will change, your sleep will get better, your 20% of bad food decisions are washed away….sort of.  But over all – yes, 80/20 is a success with exercise.  AGAIN:  Pareto Rule? Notsamuch.

That’s some shitty math right there, no wonder I am a hot mess.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Simple Kitchen 5-1-16

Missy has joined the nerds and started binge watching Game of Thrones. Josh Alsberg the Chief Fruit Monkey at Rubinette is here to tell Missy what’s in season, and what’s coming that you need to be aware of.

Maureen Olds of Fat Man Candy is in with Missy , and she’s brought candy!!! There is so much candy being devoured, but which one is moneyberry?