When 2 turned 3 | Minimakis take on the world



No epiphanies on this years birthday post.  No sniffles for the loss of my babies to toddlerland.  No sad songs about them being my only “babies” and how my womb longs for more children.

Hell no I don’t miss being a milk machine, changing diapers every 45 minutes and puke everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong, you would be hard-pressed to find a mom who reveled more in motherhood than I but here are the facts:

My kids use a TOILET now.  Of course they talk about poop, pee-pee and farting all the time as well.  For me, this is a bonus.  I am all about toilet humor.

My kids feed themselves and tell me when they are hungry and thirsty.

My kids play together and by themselves.

My kids sleep 10 hours a night and take 2 hour naps.

My kids say “I love you Mommy” before they go to bed.

My kids love me.  They hug me, ask for kisses, and run to me and wrap their arms around me until they shake.  We go hiking as a family, we go out to eat and everyone eats.  They drink out of cups and ask for more milk.


So, this last year was one of the best in my life because my babies became little people, and we are a family who communicates, sits down to dinner, have s’mores around the firepit and snuggle in our bed on Saturday mornings.  There are no more gates keeping kids “out” or “safe”.

This is where we push cruise control.  This is where we start making memories they will REMEMBER.  This is where they start becoming individuals and have preferences and opinions.

The poop and farting talk is just a bonus.

Happy birthday to my magical, wonderful reasons for being alive.  Montana & JJ, you rock my world.



Simple Kitchen 6-12-16

Things get started with some Bloody Marys and a quick recap of Game Of Thrones. The Pendleton Roundup is celebrating 106 years, and they’re in the Simple Kitchen. Why you ask? Because this year they’re making some pretty awesome changes to the cuisine.

Aaron Barnett of La Moule calls into the Simple Kitchen because he wants Missy to know about Sous-nami, and an amazing collaboration coming up. Kyra Bussanich has just been crowned four time champion of Cupcake Wars, and she’s brought the kind of magic only unicorns can bring into the studio for Missy and James to try.

Simple Kitchen: Lady Hill Winery | Fruit Monkey | Pastrami Zombie, OH MY!

Missy and James kick off the show by opening a bottle of Lady Hill Winery’s finest.IMG_0300

The Fruit Monkey, Josh Allsberg of Rubinette is back, and he’s got tasty tasty treats.


Melissa McMillian of Sammich Ashland drove all the way up to Portland to stuff pastrami into Missy’s mouth and to talk about her new food cart, Pastrami Zombie.

IMG_0317 FullSizeRender