Orange Chicken without the guilt….


There is no oddly bright orange coloring in this dish, no MSG, no non-naturally occurring sugar, and no strange chunks of onion and pineapple.  It is just a sweet, glazed, orange chicken on brown rice.  The flavor?  It comes from ORANGES.  This photo is from my kitchen and this plate was promptly eaten by my husband,  I am not a food stylist and I only want to offer you honest recipes, and not 400 backdrops and lighting from the sun at exactly 1:05pm.  It is dinner time, and this photo is taken with my phone with teardrop lights that hang over the kitchen island.  I am just a real gal eating food that a normal person can cook.  It is, after all, The Simple Kitchen.  Not the “Heirloom, Gourmet, Farm to Table, Artisan Kitchen.”

Okay, I am not going to take credit for this recipe – this is from Ali, fabulous food blogger at Gimme Some Oven.  The recipe is called Skinny Orange Chicken”  Click that link and be wowed!

Here is what I changed:  Swapped Quinoa for Brown Rice.  No green onions (I love them but hubs does not) Used 3 pounds of chicken, not 2.  How was it?  Well, I am posting a picture and adding a link in my site so you do the math!

Trying to lighten up?  Give it a try – and it was EASY!  I think this would be a good recipe for a group and I think I would put this glaze on chicken wings with a little more chili peppers.

Toddles and tata!

Rally to the Couve: Rally Pizza Opens Today!


Well it was bound to happen, Time to hop the stream and start enjoying Washington!!

  Rally Pizza is opening their doors today, and every day in the future from 4:30pm to close, Vancouver, you just won the pizza lottery.

Vancouver got lucky and received two superstars from the Portland food scene.  Alan Maniscalco  and Shan Whickam are bringing sexy to the Couve.  Alan is a 10 year alum of Ken’s Artisan Pizza.  Shan has a lifetime of baking experience backed up with a degree from California Culinary, and experience working with Whole Foods artisan breads.  She has a penchant for frozen custards and concretes and damn, I am glad for it!  Shan will be the GM and oversee the sweet delights while Alan keeps the rest of the food program exquisite, delightful pizzas to tempt even the pickiest eater (my husband).  My pick:  The Piggy Back Pizza.  Just trust me here.

Rally Pizza.  The name alone reminds you of being exhausted, finals are coming up, you are so tired and there is a HUGE party.  You decline an invite, and what does you roommate scream at you?  “IT’S TIME TO RALLY!”  You know what I’m talking about here……  So, you better RALLY over to Rally Pizza.  If you live in Vancouver/Camas, then it is a no brainer.  If you love pizza and live anywhere else in the world:  Make time or miss out on some of the best pizza you have ever eaten.  You’ve been warned.

Oh, you like to drink?  Well, me too.  I am an equal opportunity offender so this is my kind of party:  Beer, wine and a surprise of well crafted, balanced cocktails.  I was not expecting to sip the level of cocktail that I did when I was able to give Rally a whirl.
Location you ask?  8070 E. Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver WA.   Tons of parking, amazing lighting, a bar for the big kids and a dining are for those of us who have little kids.  Check my photos for some eye candy:

Simple Kitchen WEDGE and WAG 2016!

Gin and Cupcakes, that’s how it all starts. Wedge 2016 is less than a week away. The Executive Director of the Oregon Cheese Guild, Katie Bray is in the studio to cut the cheese and tell us all about Wedge 2016. Savannah Battro of La Mariposa weaves a cheese love story that started in Argentina. James Kohn of Wandering Aengus Ciderworks pours some delicious ciders and teaches how Cider can be a stage for cheese.

IMG_0511 (1)

John pours more cider. Hilary Renshaw, the Cheese Field Merchandiser of New Seasons knows a lot about Cheese. Geoff Latham of Nicky Farms USA is on the phone getting us pumped for Wild About Game.

Hoe your own Rows: Musings at 45.

Oh 45, I love you and your wisdom.  You let me stop being so hard on myself, sort of.  You let me realize what I love, what I don’t, and above all, how to just step back and stay out of the fray.

I cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, and conversely, everyone is not MY cup of tea.

So, when you wake up, and the soft warmth of your slowly middle aging body is something you have or can learn to love, and when you can say “I have value” and mean it, and when you can simply hit “delete” when someone tries to engage in a manner you prefer not to, you are there.  You are in the sweet spot.  That cozy, happy zone.  If you find it, stay there, it is good.

I no longer agree when someone tells Me I am not enough.  You are simply not enough for them.  Hug them, thank them, and say good bye. I am free.

As a mother, I try to say “I like you so much!” and “you are one of my favorite people in the world!” to my kids.   I want them to know they are enough.  They are already all that they need to be.  I try to put as many experiences of art and culture in front of them so they can decide who they are.  My nightmare is that they will wake up, in their 30’s and think that they need to please everyone, lose 40 pounds, make more money, and feel unfulfilled. Start now little ones, find your light and follow it.  I will be here to catch you.  Be you, and only you.


I will never be enough for everyone.  I will certainly be too much for some, and I will be just right for my tribe.  I cannot live in the past, and the future is all I have left.

Just hoe your own row and raise your own babies
Smoke your own smoke and grow your own daisies
Mend your own fences and own your own crazy
Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy

(Lyrics from Kasey Musgroves “Biscuits” song – see link below for the whole song, it is great!)

“Biscuits” by Kasey Musgrove

Simple Kitchen 9-11-16

It’s the annual FEAST power interview episode. David Briggs of Xocalatl De David is doing amazing things with dark chocolate. Will Preisch and Joel Stocks of Holdfast talk about their FEAST offerings. Lacy Larson shares her dream of being a radio personality and what she and Pacific Coast Fruit Co. are bringing to FEAST this year.

FEAST power interviews part deux. Mallory Pilcher of Stumptown is hinting at some amazing, and weird concoctions being offered by Stumptown. We’re drinking wine and you should try some. Tom Bleigh of Widmer Brothers is here to tell you where you can try some incredible innovations at FEAST.

Simple Kitchen 9-4-16

This is seriously the cheesiest episode ever. Caitlin O’Neill of Murray’s cheeses heeds the call of the Simple Kitchen and brings a variety of delicious and interesting cheese for Missy and James to try, and then thing get pun-tastic.

If you want to attend one of the amazing classes offered by Murray’s Cheeses, here’s the link.

Jarrod Lyman is the Communications Specialist for Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory and he’s in to tell us all about two amazing trails. The Mt hood Territories Wine Trail and Tap Trail.

Wine Trail

Tap Trail