Simple Kitchen 10-30-16

It’s Halloween, and how do we celebrate Halloween? With cocktails of course. Ted Pappas of Big Bottom Distillers has brought in some of his finest whiskey and his buddy Aaron to make some amazing beverages for us.

Josh “The Fruit Monkey” Alsberg is back and he brought mushrooms and apples, and an apple cider that became a cocktail legend thanks to Ted Pappas and Aaron. Today the Delta Rose is born.

The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki – Right at the Fork – Pappy Dog 10-23-16

We started out hot:  Snapchat, Instagrams and all sort of silly.  Then…..the hard hitting interviews kicked in!


Chris Angelus of Right At The Fork joins us, and he’s brought Gary the Foodie to talk about their new podcast partnership. Missy hits the guys with some big questions and some… not so big ones.  Truthfully, she steered clear from cannibalism, so that is a win.

PAPPY’S BACK! Greg Papworth of Mack’s Finer Foods has returned with two new editions to the Pappy hot Dog line and they are terrific.  Missy ate the sausage, but then again…you knew she would.


The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki: Rogue Creamery & Hazelfern Cellars

Starting the show with a Bloody Mary and some fine bleu cheese. Tom Van Voorhees of Rogue Creamery is on with Missy to talk about European cheese, cave aging and what is trying to get out of the cheese.maki


Laura Lange of Hazelfern Winery has brought some amazing wines and discusses changing your life so completely to achieve your dream.


Simple Kitchen 10-9-16

Wild About Game wrap-up. Nav Kangi and Kinder of Open Tandoor come to the Simple Kitchen to discuss what a Tandoor is, the different styles of Indian cooking, and give James his first taste of Indian food.

Jonny Bowden has the 10 super foods you should be eating. Joey and Uday of Poco India are bringing Latin and Indian cuisine together into an amazing fusion of deliciousness.