…and adieu to you, 2016.

People walked into my life, people walked out, some waffled at the door, peeping in on my life.  Overall, 2016 was what I would call one of enlightenment.

I stopped comparing myself, for the most part, to anyone but myself.  I raised children for another year, I grew a year older, I had a major surgery, I recovered.  I shared private stories, I kept some to myself.

My connection with my husband, romantically and sexually was reignited in the way only people who have gone to hell and returned alive and together can.

I saw some of the worst behavior of humans who I respected this year, I walked away from most of them, and with that, I grew lighter, and my focus became clearer.

I watched my children learn to count and recite the alphabet.  I hiked in Oregon mountains, swam in Montana lakes, and rolled down Washington hills with them.  My back became stronger, and my heart became truer.  I learned the truth in our journey as older parents, and the joys that this privilege brings. Children started ballet, tap, basketball and gymnastics.  They sing, dance, and have started to read.

Professionally I grew, financially I grew.  I have more time with my children, and do what the last 26 years have prepared me for.  Time in my job has offered me financial freedom and the ability to watch my children grow up.

Our new home started to need “upkeep” the carpets will need to be replaced, floors refinished, and cabinets replaced.  Toilets went on the fritz, walls will need a new coat of painting after the toddler years, and gate removal.  We are donating so much of what we bought to “start” our life 9 years ago.  Clutter simply wastes living space.

I lost a friend to cancer, and it looms over the whole year.  What is paint, ballet lessons and swims in cool Montana water if someone has lost their life?  I dont have any pearls about that, but it is with me, as a constant companion.

Next year the kids start school, more sports, and Coach and I will take off to Paris for 7 days to hold hands and look at art.  Time to start looking back at the world outside of the culdesac.

2016, you were vibrant, but you sucked.  You were glorious, but you were cruel.  I am just going to have to say, adieu.  I rarely say that a year was disappointing, but I will say that this was not one of my favorites, except for these three, that I will follow, anywhere they go.  Thank the heavens for family.


Simple Kitchen 12-18-16 A Year In Review

2016 is nearly over and this is the last Simple Kitchen show for 2016. Gifts are exchanged, friends stop in, and humiliation ensues. Listen as Missy and James talk about all the learned, and all they tasted.

The folks at Rally Pizza Stop by, Ryan of Aria Gin is pouring drinks, and Missy and James are listening to some of their favorite moments on The Simple Kitchen. James takes great pleasure in playing a Missy Montage.

Simple Kitchen 12-11-16

It is time to get those last minute gifts! Missy has got some really great ideas for you. Jackie and Adam Sappington of Country Cat have some fabulous aprons from their new venture Broken Cleaver.  Mike of Finex calls in to discuss Cast Iron and why it’s so good for cooking.

Who doesn’t love wine for Christmas? Laura of Hazelfern has brought in the long awaited Winter Rose’. Flo of Vanduzer is discussing Pinot Noirs and Jessica of Angela Estate also brought some fine selections. Dylan and Toby have amazing drinking vinegars and something for the griller in your life.

Simple Kitchen 12-4-16

Missy is ready for Christmas, and went to a dinner where she learned more about pistachios. James had a pretty big triumph. The Fat Man is back. Not Santa…Dan and Maureen Olds of Fat Man Candy have returned!

Seamus Foren is the new owner/chef of Acadia is in studio to talk about his rise to culinary glory. Missy has a few tips for your holiday entertaining.