Simple Kitchen 1-29-17

Missy is back from Southern California with a new respect for our neighbors to the south thanks to all the food she ate. Author Ellie Alexander is back and she has a new book that has Missy on the edge of her seat with anticipation.

Chef Dolan Lane is a legend in Portland and he’s in the Simple Kitchen to talk about his growth in Portland and everything he’s done at Red Star, Blue Hour, Clarklewis and Merriwethers.

I am a feminist.

How do I tell her that we screwed it up?  


That I USED to have basic rights.  That it used to not be OK to be treated like something other than an equal to everyone else.  That we, the women of the United States of America, with our voting power (that we fought so hard for) did not use it to ensure that our voice was heard.

  1.  That we lost control of the ability to decide what we do with our bodies
  2. That it is okay, even funny to be grabbed, treated like an animal.
  3. That we are NOT equal, because the most valued person in the USA, the POTUS, DOES NOT VALUE YOU.

I took a moment and spoke on the air about how I felt, how I could have done more, how sad I am, and how incredibly disappointing I am.  The Women’s March will be talked about, a lot, as my daughter grows up.  She will know that she is valued.  That we believe she should make decisions about her own body.  If you were curious what I said…link is below:



Simple Kitchen 1-22-17

Missy starts the show with a very heartfelt speech about what is a big problem in our society. Josh Alsberg of Rubinette is in and he’s brought citrus.

Jeka of Jeka’s Barbeque talks about his journey from the Ukraine to America and why barbeque is so important to him.

Simple Kitchen 1-15-17

Missy and James are back. The snow couldn’t stop it this time. Missy had a crazy start to the new year, and tried an amazing restaurant that was just shy of nirvana. Missy and James discuss food trends you should be watching this year.

Missy is obsessed with tea. What is Matcha and Bubble tea, and why is everyone so fascinated? More food trends you need to watch in 2017.