Simple Kitchen 4-30-17

Something strange happens that requires a complete restart of the show. Kai of the Oregon Wine Board has come to tell us all about what’s happening during the month of May which is Oregon Wine Month.

Gluten Free Beer is a real thing and Missy talks to Issac Winter on Uinta Brewery about what Gluten Free beer is and how it’s made. Missy and James talk Game of Thrones as their anticipation for the new season grows.

Simple Kitchen 4-23-17

Missy and James are counting down to Game of Thrones, and Missy loves going out to eat, but also eating at home. Josh Alsberg of Rubinette is back, and he’s brought a whole treasure chest of fresh greens for Missy to try.

Christy Veselik and Angela DeBree of have launch magic with their honey spreads. Missy is proud of James growth as a food person.

Simple Kitchen 4-9-17

Missy is back and it’s her BIRTHDAY!!!! So what better way to celebrate than beer. Larry Clouser of PONO Brewing is in, and he’s got a pretty awesome couple of beers inspired by the Pacific Islands that everyone needs to try!

Sake’ One joins Missy, and Jack and Jim are educating everyone in The Simple Kitchen about how Sake’ is made, and why it is so amazing. Kyra of Kyra’s Bakeshop show up with something special just for Missy!