The Simple Kitchen PODCAST5-28-17

Missy has just had a series of rather unfortunate events this week. Josh Alsberg makes everything better with strawberries, and some delicious grilled veggies.

It’s Memorial Day weekend which means summer is nearly here. Greg Papworth, the man who introduced us to the Pappy Dog, is back, and he’s educating Missy and James on what is the best cut of meat, and how best to grill it this summer!

The Simple Kitchen PODCAST 5-21-17

It is BURGER MONTH and that means it’s time for the Blended Burger Project! What is that you ask? Well, Chef Greg Denton of Ox Restaurant and SuperBite and Chef Luis Escorcia of Altabira City Tavern are in The Simple Kitchen to tell you all about it, and they brought burgers!

What is Pizza? Where did it come from? Why is it so delicious? Why are we obsessed with it? Also, It’s coming. FEAST! Missy has some helpful hints that will help you navigate and make the best of FEAST 2017.

Paris, Interrupted


I wanted it, I deserved it, I could actually afford it, so I booked it.  Paris:  For 7 days ALONE WITH JASON.

This week we realized:  Our kids are not ready.  This life we created for our children? Stay at home with nanny instead of daycare until 4 (okay maybe longer) mommy and daddy hands on with nonstop outdoor hiking and biking and “always together “lifestyle?  Well, it is not conducive to popping out of the country for 7 days.  They are not ready for us to be gone and guess what?  Either are we.

We literally transferred a 7 day trip to Paris for one year later……and I feel nothing but relief.  I was overwhelmed.  It was the FIFTH vacation I had planned this summer.  However it was the first one that we booked at this level of an experience, and just for the two of us.  Just us.  Picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with champagne and baguette….or, you know….holding hands in the Louvre….blah blah blah…so romantic.

Another year.  It’s okay.  It really is.  It was a journey to get here, and we are OK moving a few memories around to make sure that these two keep on killing it at childhood….



Simple Kitchen 5-14-17

It’s mother’s day and Missy is celebrating with some fine Winter Rose from Hazelfern. Kelly Cox of the PBS show Original Fare is in studio and sharing her unique journey with Missy, including eating Piranha.

Kelly Cox of Original Fare is introducing Missy and James to a fine cider and an amazing hot sauce all made here in Oregon.