Dos and Donuts

IMG_4337For the record, I actually made these.  they are coconut cake with vanilla glaze and dipped in orange tinted coconut flakes.  I am annoying like that.

Why do I feel like shit when I take a day to relax?  I think Coach would say that he has never seen me relax in his life, but I don’t know how to.  There is something to do, and if you are tired?  Take a pull off the keurig and get back to it.  I am literally so much of a hyper-performer that an afternoon pf non accomplishment ( for normal people that is considered rest or relaxing,) will leave me disappointing in myself.

So, tomorrow, Sunday, after the show (one of my last!) I will be attempting to power-watch some netflix and  drink la croix and maybe go for a walk.  Snuggle the kids and do no chores.

So, I am going to Donut-ing.  Get it?  Do-Nothing?


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