Momming like a Muth.

Damn….I must be Momming like a Muth……..Four seems to be the magical age that in my kids eyes I can do no wrong.  My hugs remove tears, my kisses take the sting out of scrapes, and my hugs are required for a good nights sleep.


I will never forget this time as a mom, where I am omnipotent, and I so not take it for granted.  Every evening after my son goes to bed he says several times “Mom, I need you!” and when I go check on him he just smiles and asks about school or about what we are doing the next day, then ALWAYS tells me “my loves you so much momma.”  My daughter touches my face and tells me that she “Misses my so deep down in her heart” when she goes to school.

I guess my thoughts today, on this daily post is that I am so glad that I have been gentle and loving with my kids.  That they have had been gently touched, and reminded of love on a daily basis.  That we all hug and kiss and Mommy and Daddy walk the talk, showing what love and marriage is about by holding hands and showing outward affection.  They fight like normal siblings, but they LOVE each other.

What is there, when everything else is gone, if there is not love?

Maki Family Value:

Love openly and without embarrassment.

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