Taking Cuts

OMG.  Come on dude, did you really cut in front of me and in the process almost knock me over with you and your 3 year old sons North Face puffy coats?

I’m standing in line at a store at a museum, ready to purchase the payoff for my kids learning about astronauts and planes for 3 hours.  A really cool Black Hawk thingy and a Space-Barbie.  My kids are ready to explode, but are minding themselves …excited for the toys, and UNDERSTANDING that there are rules.  Insert “Dad out with his son alone on the weekend” guy.  This mofo is knocking everything over with he and his sons fashionably matching 300- dollar nylon poofs. (seriously – these coats are made for surviving while climbing the face of a Alaskan Glacier……WTF?)  This bastard literally walks in front of me and “takes a cut” as Montana pointed out.  What did I do?  Waited my turn then when standing next to him at the counter I asked the cashier loudly “did I do that right?  Is that the line?”  She smiles….knowing what is happening and loudly responds “oh yes, that large yellow line is where the line begins,”  I look at him, Mr. Asshole who puts leather shoes on his kid when it is POURING rain and the poor kids feet are now sopping, you know, despite the fact that he is a “holder toddler” and say straight to his face “YES, that’s what my daughter thought…she is 4 and has manners.”  Grabbed my bags and walked away.  See, he was still cashing out because he has to hold his child at all times.  Makes it hard to do anything quickly.  No sympathy.  None.  If my old ass can figure out that there are normally lines in stores, with all that I have going on in an average moment…..then this ass hat can try to step outside of his 3 inch bubble and OPEN HIS EYES.

What a dickweed.