How YOU doin?

Quick check in on the bloggy-pants.

Holy cow – so much but so little has been going on.  My biggest shift in behavior has been incredibly successful and, to be honest, joyful!


I am enjoying being on a hiatus, but I have no desire to return to radio.  I think 6 years in a career you never planned for is ample time.  While I loved getting to know all of the amazing people that I came into contact with, and help them tell their stories, I am glad to be where I am now:  home.

I have now lost 15.6 pounds, and I am on a journey of 25 pounds, but in its own time.  I do not care to rush my body, nor do I care what anyone thinks about my body other than myself. Okay, also my husband.  I also want to be a role model for health to my children especially my daughter.

My life is mostly about my family and my career.  Social Media is a way to share our lives, not gain anything other than connections, find recipes, keep up with friends.  I am still struggling with paid posts – I have yet to do them and I have products just sitting in boxes….waiting.

I am off to exercise, then I will go pick my twins up from Preschool.  I have a solid goal of not missing their childhood, but if you know me…you knew that already.

Perhaps I will make some cupcakes.

I will write more soon.  TTFN


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