Missy Maki


How to describe myself……I am an Oregonian, full time career gal and loving and supportive wife to an amazing man and new mother of TWINS.  I am also)USED TO BE!) a Talk Radio Show Host of “Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki” on AM 860 Sundays at 10am – Noon where I weave a warm, friendly approach to the intricate world of food and Portland foodies with a LOT of laughs, naturally!

Life took a funny turn for us as we learned that having children was going to be a bigger challenge than we assumed. I really wanted to write, but not about that. There is a lot of life interwoven into my blog, but this is really about my other passion….food.  That is how I got here!!!  Now, fast forward several years and here I am – MOTHER OF TWINS!

I promise to keep you updated on fun foods, crock-potting, baking treats, and the ups and downs of being Missy. Despite a big smile and many hearty laughs….there’s a lot of crazy going on in my life and you will read about that in my periodic “sides of life” found between recipes, reviews, and my podcasts will stay on here forever – almost 6 years and about 400 hours of food interviews….yikes.

So…join me on my little journey as I cook, bake, and serve up a FABULOUS side of life!!!

Missy Maki