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Simple Kitchen WEDGE and WAG 2016!

Gin and Cupcakes, that’s how it all starts. Wedge 2016 is less than a week away. The Executive Director of the Oregon Cheese Guild, Katie Bray is in the studio to cut the cheese and tell us all about Wedge 2016. Savannah Battro of La Mariposa weaves a cheese love story that started in Argentina. James Kohn of Wandering Aengus Ciderworks pours some delicious ciders and teaches how Cider can be a stage for cheese.

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John pours more cider. Hilary Renshaw, the Cheese Field Merchandiser of New Seasons knows a lot about Cheese. Geoff Latham of Nicky Farms USA is on the phone getting us pumped for Wild About Game.

Simple Kitchen 9-11-16

It’s the annual FEAST power interview episode. David Briggs of Xocalatl De David is doing amazing things with dark chocolate. Will Preisch and Joel Stocks of Holdfast talk about their FEAST offerings. Lacy Larson shares her dream of being a radio personality and what she and Pacific Coast Fruit Co. are bringing to FEAST this year.

FEAST power interviews part deux. Mallory Pilcher of Stumptown is hinting at some amazing, and weird concoctions being offered by Stumptown. We’re drinking wine and you should try some. Tom Bleigh of Widmer Brothers is here to tell you where you can try some incredible innovations at FEAST.

Simple Kitchen 9-4-16

This is seriously the cheesiest episode ever. Caitlin O’Neill of Murray’s cheeses heeds the call of the Simple Kitchen and brings a variety of delicious and interesting cheese for Missy and James to try, and then thing get pun-tastic.

If you want to attend one of the amazing classes offered by Murray’s Cheeses, here’s the link.

Jarrod Lyman is the Communications Specialist for Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory and he’s in to tell us all about two amazing trails. The Mt hood Territories Wine Trail and Tap Trail.

Wine Trail

Tap Trail

{PODCAST} Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki-Alter Ego Cider and BACON

Anne Hubatch and Nate Wall sit down with Missy to discuss the conception of Alter Ego Cider and how just six months later, the cider is available! Also they explain how similar cider is to beer and wine, and how they want to take more of a wine approach to making their delicious cider. Missy is obsessed with the magical food known as BACON! Plus, she teaches you how to properly cook bacon. 


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Simple Kitchen Hour 2 7/27



PODCAST: Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki @nickyusa @tabla

Geoff Latham of Nicky USA talks to Missy about a very special dinner and Wild About Game coming up on September 7th. Adam Berger of Tabla is hanging with Missy to talk about himself! Not really, he’s talking about the fascinating art of pasta making and learning the art in Italy. Adam talks about the evolution of Tabla and starting a pasta class right here on the Simple Kitchen. 


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