Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki Podcast KPAM 860 7-7-17

Missy had a tiring 4th of Jult. Game of Thrones is nearly here. Gabe Rosen I Biwa and Noraneko is in studio to talk about his trip to Japan and his inspiration for Ramen. Missy tries Ramen Taco Salad.

Chef john GGoram is calling to tell us all about La Ruta, and amazing festival celebrating the taste of spain. Chef Aaron Bedard of the Stephanie Inn at Cannon beach has come all the way from the coast to cook for Missy! Crab Boil, and Mushroom ice cream, are you kidding?

The Simple Kitchen PODCAST 7-2-17

Missy has returned after spending much needed time with her family, and she’s got stories to tell. Missy and james relive some of the best radio safe memories from Missy birthday party for her kids. Lavenda Memory is a fantastic blogger who’s helping out Whole Foods and Organicgirl, and she’s got a super awesome taco salad recipe. It’s summer, it’s Fourth of July, it’s grilling season.

Kevin Gerrish of Wumbee coffee is sharing an amazing story about his journey from hotel kitchen worker, to coffee importer. Kevin shares so much about the country of Cameroon, and the town of Wumbee and what makes their coffee so special.

Simple Kitchen PODCAST 6-4-17

Missy just went to the opening of an amazing Spanish restaurant in the Pearl call Can Font. Jon Lewis of Rue is back in The Simple Kitchen to talk about an upcoming Pop Up Brunch June 11th called Kokomo, and french and Tiki fusion cocktails.

Chef Patrick McKee of Southfork has returned and he’s talking life, family, and figuring out southern cooking with French and Asian flare.

The Simple Kitchen PODCAST5-28-17

Missy has just had a series of rather unfortunate events this week. Josh Alsberg makes everything better with strawberries, and some delicious grilled veggies.

It’s Memorial Day weekend which means summer is nearly here. Greg Papworth, the man who introduced us to the Pappy Dog, is back, and he’s educating Missy and James on what is the best cut of meat, and how best to grill it this summer!

The Simple Kitchen PODCAST 5-21-17

It is BURGER MONTH and that means it’s time for the Blended Burger Project! What is that you ask? Well, Chef Greg Denton of Ox Restaurant and SuperBite and Chef Luis Escorcia of Altabira City Tavern are in The Simple Kitchen to tell you all about it, and they brought burgers!

What is Pizza? Where did it come from? Why is it so delicious? Why are we obsessed with it? Also, It’s coming. FEAST! Missy has some helpful hints that will help you navigate and make the best of FEAST 2017.

The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki: Rogue Creamery & Hazelfern Cellars

Starting the show with a Bloody Mary and some fine bleu cheese. Tom Van Voorhees of Rogue Creamery is on with Missy to talk about European cheese, cave aging and what is trying to get out of the cheese.maki


Laura Lange of Hazelfern Winery has brought some amazing wines and discusses changing your life so completely to achieve your dream.