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The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki: Rogue Creamery & Hazelfern Cellars

Starting the show with a Bloody Mary and some fine bleu cheese. Tom Van Voorhees of Rogue Creamery is on with Missy to talk about European cheese, cave aging and what is trying to get out of the cheese.maki


Laura Lange of Hazelfern Winery has brought some amazing wines and discusses changing your life so completely to achieve your dream.


Simple Kitchen PODCAST 2-07-16

It’s time for the BIG game, and Missy came prepared this morning with snacks. Greg Drobot of Face Rock Creamery joins Missy in the Simple Kitchen to talk about the amazing world of cheese and his journey from real Estate to cheese. Are you ready for your Super Bowl party? Missy’s here to help you out. (here we are enjoying SuperBowl Treats!)


Super Bowl food! You know, cause it’s Super Bowl Sunday! Pierre of Allison Inn is on to talk about Cuvee Weekend and all the amazing wine and food you can try during the Fifth Annual Oregon Chardonnay Celebration.

You can find out more info on these sights:

For tickets to o Cuvee Weekend email:

Simple Kitchen 1-24-16

Cathy Whims  is kind of a big deal, and she’s here with Missy to talk about being a chef and restaurant owner as well as a Diplomatic Chef at the White House and something amazing called Maialata! Erik Wolf is back because it’s nearly time for Food Worx. You’re going to be surprised, stunned, and learn a lot about the future of the food industry.

More with Erik and what’s happening at at this year’s Food Worx. Kurt Huffman of ChefStable and Zach Hull of Boulavard have developed the perfect app for people who love eating out.