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Simple Kitchen 9-24-17

It’s been crazy. Missy made it through FEAST, and has loads to tell you about. Wedge is coming. A celebration of cheese, and Missy wants you to know all about what’s happening, and who’s gonna be there. It wouldn’t be Simple Kitchen without some Game of Thrones talk.

Missy is obsessed again. This time, it’s Pumpkin spice lattes. Carolyn Ketchum of has a brand new book coming, and you need to get your hands on it. Geoff Latham of Nicky USA is hard at work preparing this year’s Wild About Game, which is right around the corner. Portland vs. Seattle. Who will be king of the kitchen?

Simple Kitchen 9-10-17

Missy made it through The Bite of Oregon, and is now training for FEAST. Chris Richardson of Smack Dab is in studio and he’s talking all about burgers. Missy gets to try a calzone burger and a teriyaki burger that could change the world. Missy doesn’t want you to miss out on FEAST.

Karen Locke has written a book for people who love spirits. High Proof PDX is a great way to learn all about Oregon Distillers. Karen gives Missy a great cure for hangovers in the form of a cocktail.

Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki KPAM 8608-6-17

It’s game of Thrones night again. Missy is obsessed with Sangria. What is it? Where did it come from? Why is it so tasty? Missy is preparing for her third (or fourth) Hood To Coast. Tips on keeping your grill in great shape.

Missy is building the ultimate bedroom for her daughter, though James thinks it’s really for Missy. Missy is helping you to grill chicken to perfection. Missy has a very easy barbecue sauce you can make in your blender. A new food cart pod has opened in Milwaukie.

Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki KPAM 860 7-30-17

Missy went Glamping. Sarah Marshal brought some of her amazing sauces and rubs, AND she has a new book that can help anyone become a superior canner. Josh Alsberg of Rubinette is back, and you won’t believe what he brought.

Josh Alsberg of Rubinette has Stone Fruit on his mind. Peaches, nectarines, and cherries. Tomatoes are blooming and they’re delicious.

Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki KPAM 860 7-23-17

Keith Miles is calling from Tennessee to talk about Uncle Nearest Whiskey. Chris Sarls of Oregon Fruit company has brought BEER! and oh yeah, It’s James’ Birthday.

Tyna of Saucy minx BBQ is in the Simple Kitchen and she is amazing. She’s talking Sauces and rubs, and it gets a little crazy.

Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki KPAM 860 PODCAST 7-16-17

Winter is here. Missy and James are so excited today because Game of Thrones returns. Also, they apologize for all their geekiness. what is an Acai bowl? What’s in it? why is it so good for you? all these questions get answered when the guys from Caricoa Bowls come into the studio.

Meg Murray of Nasty Woman Wines has brought some bottles, and has a powerful message to woman everywhere! Game of thrones is here, did we mention how much we love it?