Introduction…"Hi, I am Missy….."

Well, I refuse to write yet another blog about infertility but I am dealing with it, and I feel like I want to have a place to write….but NOT about that stuff. I love to cook. I love to bake. Sundays are spent in my kitchen cooking and baking and being happy. So, join me on my little journey as I show you how we do things at our house. I work in an office as a catering director Mon-Friday, and my husband is a high school teacher and basketball coach. We eat home cooked meals 75% of the time and I think that is an amazing accomplishment for a couple with no children. I like challenges as well, so please tell me if you want me to try a recipe…..I wont fail you, and I will take pictures along the way (budding photographer)…yippeee! Lets do this!

From a 90s "Wild Child" to a working corporate twin-mom, watch this doting wife stumble through life and in the process uncover The Maki Family Values.