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The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki – Right at the Fork – Pappy Dog 10-23-16

We started out hot:  Snapchat, Instagrams and all sort of silly.  Then…..the hard hitting interviews kicked in!


Chris Angelus of Right At The Fork joins us, and he’s brought Gary the Foodie to talk about their new podcast partnership. Missy hits the guys with some big questions and some… not so big ones.  Truthfully, she steered clear from cannibalism, so that is a win.

PAPPY’S BACK! Greg Papworth of Mack’s Finer Foods has returned with two new editions to the Pappy hot Dog line and they are terrific.  Missy ate the sausage, but then again…you knew she would.


The Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki: Rogue Creamery & Hazelfern Cellars

Starting the show with a Bloody Mary and some fine bleu cheese. Tom Van Voorhees of Rogue Creamery is on with Missy to talk about European cheese, cave aging and what is trying to get out of the cheese.maki


Laura Lange of Hazelfern Winery has brought some amazing wines and discusses changing your life so completely to achieve your dream.


Orange Chicken without the guilt….


There is no oddly bright orange coloring in this dish, no MSG, no non-naturally occurring sugar, and no strange chunks of onion and pineapple.  It is just a sweet, glazed, orange chicken on brown rice.  The flavor?  It comes from ORANGES.  This photo is from my kitchen and this plate was promptly eaten by my husband,  I am not a food stylist and I only want to offer you honest recipes, and not 400 backdrops and lighting from the sun at exactly 1:05pm.  It is dinner time, and this photo is taken with my phone with teardrop lights that hang over the kitchen island.  I am just a real gal eating food that a normal person can cook.  It is, after all, The Simple Kitchen.  Not the “Heirloom, Gourmet, Farm to Table, Artisan Kitchen.”

Okay, I am not going to take credit for this recipe – this is from Ali, fabulous food blogger at Gimme Some Oven.  The recipe is called Skinny Orange Chicken”  Click that link and be wowed!

Here is what I changed:  Swapped Quinoa for Brown Rice.  No green onions (I love them but hubs does not) Used 3 pounds of chicken, not 2.  How was it?  Well, I am posting a picture and adding a link in my site so you do the math!

Trying to lighten up?  Give it a try – and it was EASY!  I think this would be a good recipe for a group and I think I would put this glaze on chicken wings with a little more chili peppers.

Toddles and tata!


Moments that define you.

I have a friend named Tami.  She is the person on my shoulder that  whispers in my ear what to do and what not to do.  My conscience.  She is actually  a real person as well, and actually comes in my office and lets me know when I am being too hard, or soft, but rarely that I am being to soft.  So, yeah….I guess I am what you would call a strong leader who needs a soft soul at her side.  That is Tami.  Why am I bringing this up?  Because I wanted to talk about moments that define you and these are moments that you do not have your Tami next to you.  When you actually make a decision, good or bad, and they define you.  The decision becomes a trademark, or an indelible memory that people will never erase and it will be always etched on you, like a tattoo.

For some it is something that sends them to prison.

For some it is something that wins them a Nobel Peace Prize.

I think we have many of these, and sometimes you have defining moments that erase all of the old feelings, or ideas about you.  Think of, perhaps a leader who was racist, until they did some sort of a grand gesture, switched sides, then spend decades working on equality – that person would have had a defining moment and then would always be remembered for the good they did, and perhaps the 20 years prior of hate and pain they caused is erased.  Is that fair?  I guess that is up to you.  These are large scale items.  What I am writing about are the small ones.

I am not sure if you ever know when your moment is coming, so the idea is that you live a life based on making good decisions so that you are defined as good.  I wish I had that to offer.  44 years of great decisions.  Popular choices.  Staying on the right side of the tracks.  I don’t and I will not even try to kid you about it.  I am pretty damned average and have had moments of splendor and moments of weakness.  Both are acceptable in my book, and frankly my book is the one I live from.  The weak decisions shape me, and the splendorous moments lift others, and perhaps the opinion of others in the process, which I am told we are not supposed to care about.  Confusing, right?

I have had many moments.  I decided to move to Portland.  I married Jason.  I decided to switch jobs 4 years ago.  I decided to have kids.


Yes, decided because I am infertile and I had to pay a lot of money to have my children.  Yes, I am infertile.  I am okay saying that.  I started trying to have kids when I was 34 and after we went through all of our treatments and achieved pregnancy my Dr told me “we do not like to tell women this, but we are confident that you would never be able to have kids naturally.  You made all the right choices so we did not have to address this, but I think you should know for the future.”  Did this hurt?  Hell no, it justified 50 thousand dollars. (no insurance would cover my treatments)  So, cash money was well spent.

So, to sum it up, my moment that defined me was:  Choosing to be a mother.  

Not everyone’s life changes when they have kids.  We get a lot of comments from people about how much time we spend with our kids.  I think it is sweet, but I am always surprised, maybe embarrassed. Do we seem obsessed with them? ( yes) Are we over the top with family time? (likely) Do we both run home after work and have all sorts of plans every night for what we will do as a family? (always).  But, here is the thing:  I am average.  But maybe, my moment that defined me was not the same as others, and that is okay.

As I wrap up the year I am humbled by the fact that I was given the opportunity to have a family and children.  That my life is easily and clearly laid out in front of me now.  That my priorities are all lined out and I do not have to rely on Tami to keep me in line anywhere but at work.  I have the rest of my life’s greatest work of art in process.  What a privilege to already know what the picture I am painting will be.  Now to focus every day on my greatest work, my priority, my moments that define me.

Happy Holidays dear friends.  Happy holidays indeed.

In which I become successful because of love.

Yes, I am busy. I am embarrassed to even talk about the way my life has rolled into a wild ride of motherhood, marriage, career, radio, events and trying to find pockets of rest. The world as arrived at my doorstep and I am absolutely busy.

I wake up at 4am and do a “quick 1-2 hours of work” now. I am terrified of taking time from my kids. I am worried about not keeping up with my commitments to a career that I love and the employees who need me. I am nothing like who I thought I was. This is a good thing.

Do you think back about times in your life where your self worth was low? I do. I never went so far as to damage myself or my health (entirely) but I come from a somewhat lost generation. We never really learned how to love or give love in return. When we grew up, life and families had taken this intense pace. Latchkey kids, both parents working….climbing the ladder. It was the 80s and the 80s were a good time for career minded and educated people! Money was there to be had. Time to connect, not so much. I may have been one of the few kids who sat down to dinner several nights a week but I was on my own for breakfast and lunch since I was in 3rd grade.

So…you get through adolescence. You somehow find your way through your 20s. You fall in love in your 30s and start to make a life. By your 40s you are here. Busy, successful, and busy.

How do I fit 48 hours into 24 hours? I don't. I just don't. I set my own precedences as they arise and stay true to my foundation which is my home. I embrace mornings that I wake up at 4 ready to go, but I crash hard at 8:30 when the kids are down and the house is clean. I don't waste time on movies, and I make sure we gather at the table as much as possible. I laugh, I love. I stop and sit on the sofa and have time with my kids that has no hidden educational agenda. I hold them. I tell them they are awesome. I kiss their soft heads and laugh their toes and let them chew on my pearls. They are just pearls and I will have no need for them when I am gone. When THEY leave me though I will be left with my memories of them. Did I stop? Did I look at them? Did I tell them they have value? Did they see me smile at them with no hidden agenda? No concern?

What really matters? Keeping your love alive in your marriage so you can show your kids how to make it work. Kissing and hugging in front of them. Laughing together as a family. Making your life work for the family you are now. Are you showing and teaching your kids how to love? Showing them to gain strength through holding hands? Through talking and laughing? Complimenting each other and reminding each other of their worth and their value to the family.

So, I finally get a blog post up. It is not about food. There are no photos, but it is where I am in my mind. I am rich in love and successful in career. But really, the career stems from the love that fuels my heart that takes me through my days and helps me make ethical and smart decisions. It all starts here, at home.

I will not forget that.


Summer Pasta with Poached Chicken

I adore the farmers market and I will tell you that as a new mommy – it is SO much more enjoyable with little ones toddling around enjoying the sights. The bright cheery flowers, the smells of grilled meats and even the wonders of cupcakes piled high with frosting! The truth of the matter is that they really just want to collect twigs and rocks, and chase after little doggies (sorry market friends).

This was a sunny Saturday at the Sunnyside market and we were able to find a few fun things:  Pita chips, bell peppers, asparagus, green oinions, spinach and some little potatoes.  I cooked them into a lovely lunch on Sunday:

Oregon Veggie Pasta

Hooray for fun happy vibrant food – just in time for my twins starting on table foods – they are in for an amazing summer!  Here is the recipe:

Summer Pasta with Poached Chicken


  • 1 package Whole Grain Pasta (reserve 2 tbsp pasta water
  • 1 poached chicken breast
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 4 asparagus spears lightly cooked ( I just drop them in the pasta water for about 2 minutes!)
  • 5 green /spring onions, sliced
  • 2 large handfuls of spinach, cut (I like chiffonade)
  • 1/4 cup chopped basil
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • Fresh cracked pepper
  • Sea Salt


  1. Drain pasta and set aside.
  2. Chop chicken breast into 1 inch chunks.Dice Bell Pepper and chop the basil and spinach. Cut asparagus (minus stalky ends) into 1 inch pieces.
  3. Place pasta back into boiling pot and place on low heat - add reserved pasta water and olive oil. toss chicken in as it warms up. Then onion, bell pepper and asparagus. Then basil, and spinach. Remove from heat and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately or cool and serve as a cold pasta salad on hot days.
  4. note: this is great with olives as well
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