The Simple Kitchen PODCAST 7-2-17

Missy has returned after spending much needed time with her family, and she’s got stories to tell. Missy and james relive some of the best radio safe memories from Missy birthday party for her kids. Lavenda Memory is a fantastic blogger who’s helping out Whole Foods and Organicgirl, and she’s got a super awesome taco salad recipe. It’s summer, it’s Fourth of July, it’s grilling season.

Kevin Gerrish of Wumbee coffee is sharing an amazing story about his journey from hotel kitchen worker, to coffee importer. Kevin shares so much about the country of Cameroon, and the town of Wumbee and what makes their coffee so special.

Thanksgiving Awesomeness from @Wholefoods

I love being able to pass along information about awesome places like Whole Foods! Whole foods is a fantastic supporter of Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki, and an amazing source for great interviews. I got some fabulous tidbits today and I want to share them with you!

Whole Foods Market has put together 5 different Thanksgiving dinner menus, from the traditional to the vegetarian, to make the last few days of meal planning as simple as possible. See here for details:


For those who need a bit more inspiration, they have a full recipe inspiration guide and ideas for the holiday:


And, lastly, they wanted to give you all a heads-up that Whole Foods Market will be hosting a full Black Friday weekend this year from November 23-25. This will include deals throughout the store, including 20% off all wines!


Hope this sparks some ideas for some final Thanksgiving dinner planning!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

**Whole Foods gave me this information to offer you**